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R&G Engine Case Covers for Ducati 959 Panigale '16-'18 | 2 Piece Kit

R&G Engine Case Covers for Ducati 959 Panigale '16-'18 | 2 Piece Kit


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The R&G engine case covers for Ducati 959 Panigale - 2 piece kit protects the vulnerable sections of the motor to significantly reduce the risk of damage in a fall or slide. Robust 4mm polypropylene is utilized for its excellent abrasion resistance and impact absorption. The design of these low profile case covers maximizes cornering clearance and lean angles. Installation is simple and only requires removal of just a few bolts so each unit can go over the factory equipment without the need to replace gaskets or lose any oil. Don't let your bank account take the hit when your Panigale goes down, invest in a set of R&G engine case covers!


  • Complete left & right side engine case cover kit to protect against impact & abrasions
  • Significantly reduces risk of damage to vulnerable engine cases in the event of a fall or slide
  • Protects the entire case top to bottom vs. sliders that only protect the leading edge
  • Hearty 4 mm molded polypropylene is highly abrasion resistant & impact absorbing
  • Easily mounts over the OEM engine case covers using existing bolt holes & extended hardware
  • Compliments R&G Frame SlidersFork Protectors and Swingarm Sliders for total protection
  • A smart investment for any motorcycle to save from very expensive repairs or replacement of Ducati engine cases
  • No oil loss or gasket replacement necessary for fitment
  • Low profile design does not compromise cornering clearance or lean angle


  • Right side clutch cover 
  • Left side stator cover 
  • Replacement hardware
  • Installation instructions


R&G Engine Case Covers 

R&G UK Sales Manager Alan Garrett commented "Our Race Series Case Covers have been specifically developed at the highest level of racing to ensure maximum protection in case of a crash. The cost of replacing an engine casing or removing debris from an engine is an expense that race teams do not need, so our new 2015 specification allows them to quickly replace the puck in case of a small crash, whilst offering full protection in case of a larger one."

Brent Gladwin, Team WD40 Owner said, "Unfortunately we've had our fair share of crashes this year, but thanks to the R&G crash protection on our machines, the damage has been minimal. The best example of the Race Series Case Covers doing their job perfectly was at Oulton Park recently, when Tarran Mackenzie crashed his Stauff Connect Academy Kawasaki during the race. Despite heavy impact and sliding down the tarmac for some 150 yards at high speed, the engine suffered no damage at all – which, along with the rest of the R&G items on our bike, meant we were able to walk away from a potentially expensive crash with nothing more than some broken fairings!"

Manufacturer # KEC0090BK

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