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SW-MOTECH Quick-Lock Sidecarrier (Suzuki SV650 S/N & SV1000S, '03 only) Original Style for Givi, Micatech, TraX, Krauser, & Hepco sidecases DISCONTINUED

SW-MOTECH Quick-Lock Sidecarrier (Suzuki SV650 S/N & SV1000S, '03 only) Original Style for Givi, Micatech, TraX, Krauser, & Hepco sidecases DISCONTINUED

SKU: KFT.05.227.100

Sorry, but this item is no longer available.

Note: The SW-MOTECH Quick-Lock Sidecarrier (Suzuki SV650 S/N & SV1000S, '03 only) Original Style for Givi, Micatech, TraX, Krauser, & Hepco sidecases has been discontinued and is no longer able to be ordered.

High-quality, German-made Quick-Lock luggage sideracks by SW-MOTECH. This unique design allows the racks to be removed from the bike in less than 30 seconds without special tools by opening 3-4 quick-release fasteners on each side. These narrow profile, black powder-coated steel racks are compatible with luggage cases fromGIVI (Monokey system), TraX ALU-BOX, Pelican, Micatech, Kappa, Shad, Hepco-Becker, Krauser, and more. Adapter kits are sold separately. Strong enough to withstand adventure-touring off-road abuse, yet completely removable for local cruising or track days.

When the racks are removed, only 3-4 small mounting tabs remain visible on either side of the bike. These mounting tabs are almost invisible, preserving the original visual appearance and size of your motorcycle. Required luggage-specific adapter kits are sold separately. In addition, optional key locks (sold separately) are available to lock the racks to the bike, with the key unlocking a pair of special quick-release fasteners which secure the racks on each side. The Quick-Lock racks are made of flat steel which presents the narrowest possible lateral profile. Bolt-on installation -- no cutting or welding of motorcycle frame or bodywork is necessary. Racks are designed to work with original equipment manufacturer components -- fender, exhaust, etc. The SW-MOTECH racks are ideal for the occasional weekend tourer who desires a "stealth" look during the week, as well as the weekday commuter who needs an unencumbered machine for spirited weekend fun. Whatever your needs, the SW-MOTECH racks allow maximum flexibility and convenience.

KFT.05.227.100 fits:
--- SV650 S/N (2003 only)
--- SV1000S (2003 only)

KFT.05.226.100, a different part number, fits:
--- SV650 S/N (2004-2006, all models)
--- SV650 S/N (2007 & later non-ABS and ABS models)
--- SV1000N (2003 & later)
--- SV1000S (2004 & later)

*The SV650 was discontinued in Germany in 2009. SW-MOTECH has not tested later models with this product; however, based on Suzuki parts fiche, we are not aware of any model change.

Doug of the SV1000 Discussion Group wrote:

I got my luggage racks through from SW-Motech. Easy to fit. Three points of contact, as follows:
1. Pillion footrest is temporarily removed to attach the [mounting] bracket. Footpegs go back on [after installation is complete].
2. Sissy Bar is replaced with new tubular black version fom SW-MOTECH.
3. SW-MOTECH bracket is attached to license plate holder. Indicators are moved, and license plate is moved down slightly.

-Different Sissy Bar
-Have to retain ugly rear fender
-Had to drill two new holes in license plate for it to fit.

-I can use hard luggage, keeping all my gear dry.
-Brackets are removable within 1 minute for a clean look when luggage is not required.

Jakob Schwartz of the SV1000 discussion group wrote:
Here is a picture of my SV with the SW-MOTECH (with the sideracks detached).
I used it this summer on my holiday in France. It worked perfect and I really liked the feature that I could just "click" off the rack when we arrived to our destination. The arrows show the mounting points for the sideracks.

Lynn Whelchel, owner of a 2003 SV1000S, wrote to us on May 11, 2005:
The system took about 30 minutes to install and works really well with my Givi bags from another bike. No filing of the holes, etc. to make them fit was necessary--basically a bolt-on installation. I did use blue Loctite to make sure the fittings did not loosen. I did not have to relocate the turn signals; they clear the hard bags by about 3-4mm.

Note: Fastening Kits are not required to mount these sideracks to your motorcycle. The Quick-Lock kits are keyed so you can take them on and off and have them locked when they are on your bike. The Hardbolt Kit is used if you don't want to take your sideracks off at all, as they are 'hard bolted' to your bike.

Manufacturer # KFT.05.227.100
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