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SW-MOTECH ALU-RACK Adapter to fit Monolock Top Cases

SW-MOTECH ALU-RACK Adapter to fit Monolock Top Cases

SKU: GPT.00.152.406

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Removable quick-release adapter plate for mounting a standard Givi Monolock or Kappa Monolock topcase (E470, E450, E370, E350, E33, E30, E280, E260, etc.) to an SW-MOTECH Alu-Rack toprack.

The SW-MOTECH ALU-RACK: What You Need To Know


Includes Givi fitting lugs and rubber vibration-reducing bumpers.

The top plate can be removed from the Alu-Rack by turning each of three quarter-turn Quick-Lock fasteners 90 degrees, providing a cleaner look to the motorcycle when the topcase and topplate are not in use.

Givi brakelight kits are 100% compatible with this top plate.

If using a Givi brakelight kit with your SW-MOTECH top plate, we recommend also purchasing the Quick-Release Wiring Kit for SW-MOTECH top plates (part EC.TT-00001), so that your top plate will still be removable after you wire up the topcase's brake light!
Manufacturer # GPT.00.152.406
Customer Reviews
Review by Guest
This second generation adapter plate should last much longer than the original as now there is a metal reinforcement angle under the latch used to lock the top case to plate. It is otherwise unchanged and works exactly the same, that is very well. (Posted on 7/10/2016)
Review by Bandfito
I like the design, function and latch holders on the top side. I feel the size of the screws used to mount the locking hardware on the underside are too small and flimsy. You really cannot use self purchased screws either because the pre-drilled holes on underneath and mounting brackets are the same size. I used locking fluid when I mounted so hopefully that will help hold them in place. (Posted on 9/2/2015)
Review by duane51
This adapter is nice! Fits tight. Comes on/off in a snap. The Givi box doesn't rattle. However, the kit was missing washers and screws... which I found replacements for at the hardware store. (Posted on 6/19/2015)
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