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SW-MOTECH Rally Style Crash Bars Engine Guards for BMW R1100GS '94-'99

SW-MOTECH Rally Style Crash Bars Engine Guards for BMW R1100GS '94-'99

SKU: SBL.07.405.100

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Constructed of heavy-duty mild steel, SW-MOTECH crash bars are designed to provide maximum protection, optical integration, and high-quality fit and finish.

Understanding Crash Bars


Provides protection to both the fairing and engine without interfering with oil changes or removal of cylinder head covers for valve adjustments.

All components are protected against corrosion by sandblasting and powdercoating.

The metallic silver powdercoated finish has a gloss clear topcoat, providing an additional layer of rust protection and beautifying your ride!

High-strength frame mounting points and 26.9mm diameter mild steel tubing provide heavy duty protection.

Same as the SW-MOTECH crashbars made for Wudo Germany (just a different brand sticker).

The SW-MOTECH crashbar is 100% compatible with Touratech's "Hard Part GV" gearbox reinforcement kits:
- Touratech Hard Part GV 040-1311 silver
- Touratech Hard Part GV 040-1301 yellow

The current version of this crash bar is compatible with most aftermarket front suspensions.

Constructed of 26.9mm outer-diameter mild steel tubing.
Manufacturer # SBL.07.405.100
Customer Reviews
Review by UpstateDave
Just installed these on my 1998 BMW R1100GS (New bike to me).
Crash bars as well made, German design, fabricated in CZ.
Instructions are one pictograph, but they make sense.
Before you take anything apart check cable and wire routing. Tape or tire the wires where you want them to go.
I unbolted the gas tank and slid it back a little to get to the frame bolts easier.
For me - Loosely install the upper and lower brackets first.
Then pick a side, install the aft frame mounted bolt with spacer first(loose).
Second, install the upper bracket bolt.
Third the lower bracket bolt and nut.
Now install the other side same order.
A little pulling/ pushing to get the holes lined up, by not bad.
Then finish by tightening all the bolts to torque spec.
I used Blue Loc-Tite (Medium strength) on all fasteners, before they were installed.
Everything was still tight after the first 50+ miles.
Next thing will be to attach lights to the bars. (Posted on 9/8/2015)
Review by chris99
Everything was exceptionally well finished and packaged. The instructions were easy to follow. The installation was less of a problem than I thought it might be. All the items necessary were included, and where a washer was re-used it was clearly marked. The only complication was bolting the two bars to the front bracket because the front shock fouled one hex bolt. I assembled it half tight to get the right angles, and then unbolted from the frame to shift it slightly so I could torque the bolt. Modifying the part to allow 1/16" extra clearance would have made the installation much easier. (Posted on 8/14/2015)
Review by bdzastro
Bought these crashbars just over a month ago and hope they never come in contact with the road. :-) Installation was pretty straightforward, just make sure to do everything in order and leave all bolts loose until everything is in place. Definitely a better option than the BMW bars at $500+ (Posted on 7/19/2015)
Review by Superfunkomatic
I bought these a couple of weeks ago. The look great but installation required a bit of strong-arming the bars to get the holes lined up. Definitely don't tighten ANYTHING until you have every fastener in place. (Posted on 7/9/2015)
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