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MFW Crash Bar Footpeg Folding Clamp On Mounts for 0.85-1.125in (21-28mm) Diameter Tubing | Silver

MFW Crash Bar Footpeg Folding Clamp On Mounts for 0.85-1.125in (21-28mm) Diameter Tubing | Silver


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Provide yourself a bit of comfort on those long motorcycle trips as well as a cool place to hang your hat. The MFW Folding Footpeg Crashbar Clamp Set allows fitment of your choice of MFW footpegs and allows them to be folded out of the way when not in use.

These footpeg clamps allow you to attach MFW Footpegs to crashbars with a diameter from 0.85" (21mm) to 1.125" (28mm), including all SW-MOTECH and Givi crashbars. Sold in pairs. If you have an M10 hole in your crashbars, check out the M10 specific joint kit for MFW Footpegs.


  • 2 M8 U-Bolts and locking nuts to allow you to clamp this to bars variably between 0.85" (21mm) to 1.125" (28mm)
  • Folding Hinge with threaded end to attach MFW Footpegs [Your Choice]
  • Machined Perch

What to Buy:

  • Footpeg Clamp [Choose Color]
  • Footpeg [Master Grip, Racing, or Super Grip]

Please Note: This product REQUIRES the separate purchase of an MFW footpeg to be used properly.

Customer Reviews
Review by Guest
Just returned from a trip to Prudoe Bay and am certainly glad I installed the footpegs on my 2016 GSA before I left. They look good and work well. I like the fact that they will fold up in the event of the bike going down and not cause any further damage. Would have given them top rating except that for the price they could include a rubber insolator for where they clamp to the crash bar so you wouldn't have to tighten the clamps so much and risk damaging the crashbar.. Also the detent on where they flip up could be stronger because wind at higher speed tend to bring the pegs part way down. But overall satisfied with the footpegs. (Posted on 8/13/2018)
Review by Guest
Finally found a product that would enhance my BMW cruiser. (Posted on 10/25/2017)
Review by Guest
I'm happy with the product, and suggesting others to byit (Posted on 10/22/2016)
Review by Jasim haji
I'm happy with the product, and suggesting others to byit (Posted on 5/18/2016)
Review by Steve
These are a great way to have another leg position or to put your feet. I only gave them four stars because they seem a bit over priced. There is no left or right either one can be adjusted for either side, at least the set I received was that way. This is the second set I have bought and they do work very good. (Posted on 10/27/2015)
Review by Landpilot
Good product, easy installation. A bit pricey, but what isn't. (Posted on 9/8/2015)
Review by Garry
Just got these today and installed them on my Alt rider crash bars,put a line of electrical tape under clamp to help with possible slippage.....I also used lock-tight Blue on bolts without Ny-lock .....Using these on my 1600GT and I really like the way my legs are rested on these pegs....I'm 6'1" w/34"inseam and these are perfect for me on this bike.....Also look good as well.... (Posted on 9/25/2014)
Review by Asphaltsurfer
I was looking for something less chrome and under 30lbs in a highway peg for a new GSA. These match the bike perfectly and are very compact. High quality alloy construction beautifully machined. The only negatives are the spring and recessed ball system that retains them in a folded up position is way too weak and side won't stay up in position long. Also U- clamp have to be really tight (near thread limits) to stay put. I added a small piece of silicon tape under the lower mount to help. Overall a great looking product. (Posted on 7/7/2014)
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