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SW-MOTECH Electrification Kit Type 128 Electrified QUICK-LOCK Tank Bag Top & Bottom Tank Ring

SW-MOTECH Electrification Kit Type 128 Electrified QUICK-LOCK Tank Bag Top & Bottom Tank Ring

SKU: TRE.12800.KIT


Note: This Electrified QUICK-LOCK Tankring Kit has been discontinued and is no longer able to be ordered.

If you have an existing SW-MOTECH Bags-Connection Tankbag or classic style Tankring and are looking for parts that are compatible, please contact our Customer Service at 855-255-5550, otherwise please see our selection of SW-MOTECH Bags-Connection Electrified QUICK-LOCK Tankbags.

SW-MOTECH Bags-Connection Electrification Kit Type 128 Electrified QUICK-LOCK Tankbag Top & Bottom Tankring is used in conjunction with SW-MOTECH Bags-Connection Quick-Lock EVO tankbags.

The SW-MOTECH QUICK-LOCK tankbag system enables a tankbag to be mounted or removed easily without the use of straps or magnets that may damage your motorcycle's finish. The system includes the tankbag, upper tankring and a separately available tankring that is designed to be installed onto the motorcycle. Once the system is assembled, the tankbag can be snapped securely into place or removed by pulling a release lanyard at the front of the tankbag.

Tankrings are motorcycle specific, so be sure to visit our SW-MOTECH Bags-Connection Tankring Application Chart to determine the correct tankring for your motorcycle prior to placing your order.

Purchase of a SW-MOTECH Bags-Connection Quick-Lock Tankbag or proof of a prior purchase required to buy this item. Contact us to order if you are not buying a tankbag with this item.

-Quick disconnect
-Made of fiberglass reinforced nylon
-Safety switch to avoid short circuits
-Gold plated vibration proof contacts
-Does not restrict fuel access

What's in the box?
-TRE.00.475.102 SW-MOTECH Electrical Topring
-SW-MOTECH Gascap Bottom Ring for Electric Quick-Lock Tankbags (BMW 5 / Aprilia 5)
-Adapter for connecting SAE outlet to SW-MOTECH Electrical Topring by Twisted Throttle

What else do I need to buy?
- SW-MOTECH Bags-Connection QUICK-LOCK Tankbag

Fits BMW:
R1200R, '09- Without Screws

*Machined ring; provides looser fit than 12700 ring.

Manufacturer # No
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