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ChargeGUARD 25 Multi-function Battery Monitoring Kit by Kisan (Discontinued)

ChargeGUARD 25 Multi-function Battery Monitoring Kit by Kisan (Discontinued)


Sorry, but this item is no longer available.

Note: The ChargeGUARD 25 Multi-function Battery Monitoring Kit by Kisan has been discontinued and is no longer able to be ordered.

The ChargeGuard is a digital multi-function display with 4 modes: a Voltmeter, Ammeter, Ambient Temperature and Ice Alert warning. Protect your investment by monitoring your expensive charging system and battery.

Motorcycle batteries are small, but the electrical load of lights, heated apparel, GPS system and other accessories keeps going up. So it makes sense to keep an eye on the health of your bike's battery and charging system. ChargeGuard is designed for all motorcycles with a 12V battery.

The installation is quite simple with only two connections required: one each to the battery posts! Mounts easily to any flat surface or most round bars, including handlebars.

The Multi-mode Display of the ChargeGUARD shows amps, volts, ambient temperature, and a warning sequence for freezing conditions. Amps, volts, and temperature are displayed numerically and in bar graph format that are easy to see at a glance. For nighttime riding the backlight will automatically dim to reduce glare. The ambient temperature can be displayed in Fahrenheit or Celsius.

The monitoring system includes an Ice Alert warning as standard. If the outside temperature approaches freezing conditions, backlight changes to red color and the word "ICE" is animated on the display. This feature is automatic, and works even in the volt and amp modes.

Monitoring kit includes:
  • Battery post mounted copper shunt
  • Temperature probe
  • Multi-color Digital display

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