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Coocase V37 Wizard topcase, Volt edition with inner liner, alarm, integrated LED brake and running lights, and remote control (Discontinued)

Coocase V37 Wizard topcase, Volt edition with inner liner, alarm, integrated LED brake and running lights, and remote control (Discontinued)


Sorry, but this item is no longer available.

The Coocase V37 Wizard Topcase is discontinued and no longer orderable.

The V37 Wizard Volt edition offers a cushioned inner liner, alarm, LED brake and running lights and remote control. Available in matte black, gloss black, or gloss silver.

Coocase overview video

Size and dimensions
Capacity: 37 liters (1 full face helmet and a few small additional items)
Dimensions: 16.2"l x 17.7"w x 12.2"h
Lids are made of polypropylene and primed in chlorodized polypropylene.

  • Remote control keyless entry with 50-meter (164 feet) operating range.
  • Remote control system locks and unlocks topcase, as well as arms and disarms the alarm.
  • Remote control and two keys included.
  • Available cigarette and USB charging socket kit (sold separately).
  • Integrated audible security alarm with shock sensor.
  • Topcase locks automatically 15 seconds after it's unlocked.
  • Locking lid stays that won't let the lid fall closed accidentally when loading.
  • Waterproof seals.
  • 1/4"-thick cushioned inner lining protects your helmet from scuffs and scratches.
  • Three year warranty.
  • Integrated LED brake and running lights.
  • Flashing LED security light indicates that your alarm is armed.
  • Hidden carry handle.
  • Nitrogen-injected polypropylene top and bottom lids are 30% lighter than convention plastic lids while being just as strong.

Color and Style Options
Not satisfied with the look of your Coocase Topcase? Change it from mild to wild with custom lens or lid colors!
Replacement lenses are available in clear or smoke gray.
Standard lid colors include matte black, gloss black, and gloss silver.

Coocase Lid color matches for your motorcycle / scooter - (Silver)

Ready-to-paint primer gray replacement lid panels are available to make custom painting easy with color matched paints from ColorRite! Primed lids are coated with chlorodized polypropylene primer.

Installation onto your motorcycle's tail section
Included universal mounting plate is compatible with all flat, tubular steel rear luggage racks, including Krauser and Five-Stars, as well as many original rear racks. This case will fit all SW-Motech rear racks as well although may require specific adapter plates or hardware.

If your bike is equipped with a "sissybar" or passenger backrest, you may need to remove it in order to provide clearance for the Coocase to open when installed. Contact Us to confirm fit on your bike prior to purchase if you have a sissybar.

Electrical Wiring Installation
Coocase is 100% compatible with CANBUS equipped motorcycles!
Every topcase includes our standard wiring kit. The standard wiring kit includes all connectors, fuseholders, and wire required for easy hookup without tools - no wire cutting, stripping, or crimping needed! Just connect 2 wires to your battery terminals and 2 more to your tail light and brake light, and you'll ready to ride.
Use of alarm and keyless entry requires that the case's wire harness be connected to your motorcycle battery. Installing Coocase's tail lights and brake lights is not required for use of the alarm and keyless entry features.

Electrical Power Draw
Because the lights in the topcase are LEDs, they draw very little power (less than 1 amp). The topcase draws 110mA when the alarm is sounding, and 16mA when the case is charging. The alarm sounds for 1 hour before it silences itself.

Most motorcycles and scooters have batteries with a capacity between 7 and 20 amp/hours. Suppose you have a small, undercharged battery with a 7 amp/hour capacity. If the alarm goes off for 1 hour (110mA) and then turns off and charges the topcase (16mA), the battery will last approximately 430 hours (18 days) before completely discharging. As long as you're riding your bike a couple hours of week, you will have no issues with the Coocase draining the battery. If your battery is larger, you'll be able to go longer without riding it (but who would want to do that?). Removing the topcase prevents battery discharge if you park the bike for multiple weeks on end; however, you should probably put the bike on a charger if you tend to do this, regardless of whether you've installed a Coocase or not. Click Here to read a review of the V36 Luxury Coocase on a Hayabusa

How do I use the universal mounting plate? Installation guide for Coocase mounting plate

Does Coocase fit my bike? Coocase bike-specific application chart
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