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Gerbings electrically-heated Microwire® jacket liner (Discontinued)

Gerbings electrically-heated Microwire® jacket liner (Discontinued)


This Item Is No Longer Available

This product is no longer able to be ordered by us. Once we sell the last ones, they're gone! Check out the related products on the right side of this page for similar items you may be interested in.

This electrically heated jacket plugs into a Gerbing temperature controller hooked directly to your motorcycle's battery. Stay warm on chilly winter nights with this marvel of modern motorcycling!

  • Heating pads on the chest, back,collar, and sleeves
  • Compressible, water-repellent, durable, Thinsulate® insulation
  • Teflon® coated, wind-resistant, soft nylon shell
  • Inside and outside pockets
  • Silky soft micro denier collar
  • Form-fitting patterns and sizing to fit snugly and easily under your outer garments
  • Glove plug pockets placed on the sleeves secure the plugs when not in use
  • Power Distribution Unit eliminates dangling cords
  • Dual 2 wiring system allows independent temperature settings for gloves and jacket liner, even when gloves are plugged directly into the jacket!
  • Available in off-the-rack chest sizes 32–62 with sleeve lengths 28–40; custom sizing also available!
  • Power draw: 6.4 amps (77 watts) at 12 volts DC
  • Lifetime warranty on heating elements

You'll need a single temperature controller for each person on the bike using Gerbings clothing (sold separately).

A dual temperature controller allows a single person to have two articles of clothing at different temperature settings (like a jacket and gloves).

One single or dual controller can be used to connect all the clothing a single person can wear (gloves, insoles, pants, & jacket) to the motorcycle. If you are using a single controller to control both a jacket AND gloves simultaneously, you'll need to purchase a splitter to use with your single controller.

Gerbing Chest/Sleeve size

Chest size measurement
Measure (inches) around the fullest area of the chest, holding the tape firm and level.

Sleeve length measurement
With arms in riding position, measure from the center back of your neck, over the point of your shoulder, around the back of your elbow, and down the outside of your arm to the wrist bone.

If you are between sizes, always round up to the next larger size!

* Starred sizes are available as special order only, please allow 1-2 weeks extra lead time for shipment.

Chest Measurement Sleeve Length Old Gerbing's Size New Gerbing's Size
33-34" 30" 38/30 XXS.R*
33-34" 32" 38/32 XXS.L*
35-36" 32" 40/32 XS.R
35-36" 34" 40/34 XS.L*
37-38" 32" 42/32 XS/S.R
37-38" 34" 42/34 XS/S.L
39-40" 32" 44/32 S.R
39-40" 34" 44/34 & 44/36 S.L
41-42" 34" 46/34 M.R
41-42" 36" 46/36 M.L
43-44" 34" 48/34 M/L.R
43-44" 36" 48/36 M/L.L
45-46" 34" 50/34 L.R
45-46" 36" 50/36 & 50/38 L.L
47-48" 35" 52/34 & 52/36 L/XL.R
47-48" 38" 52/38 L/XL.L*
49-50" 35" 54/34 & 54/36 XL.R
49-50" 38" 54/38 XL.L*
51-53" 37" 58/38 XXL.R*
54-57" 37" 62/36 & 62/38 3XL.R*
58-61" 37" 66/36 & 66/38 4XL.R*

Please call us to arrange custom sizing if you don't see the appropriate size listed above.
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