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TPX Replacement Wiring Harness (REVISED connector)

TPX Replacement Wiring Harness (REVISED connector)

SKU: TPX.A-05-01.10000

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This product is only necessary if you want to use your System on more than one motorcycle or to replace a lost or damaged Wiring Harness. Fits new 2012 version of TPX.

The TPX™ Replacement Wiring Harness is compatible with the 2012 revision TPX Radar Detector Main Console, NOT the old-revision.

The old-revision Radar Detector Main Consoles do NOT accept this (TPX.A-05-01.10000) wiring harness because of a plastic-shroud around the connector which doesn't fit inside the 90-degree connector-port of the older Main Console
Old-style can be ordered using SKU: TPX.A-05-01
TPX.A-05-01 TPX Replacement Wiring Harness (OLD STYLE 90-degree connector) TPX.A-05-01.10000 TPX Replacement Wiring Harness (REVISED pig-tail connector)
Here's the breakdown:
  • The new detector can use both new and old wiring harness, so it's backward compatible.
  • The old detector is not forward compatible with the new wiring harness.
  • If you have an old detector, you must use the old harness.
  • If you have a new detector, you can use either new or old harness.
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