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SW-MOTECH Steel Motorcycle Top Rack for Suzuki DL650 V-Strom '04-'11, & DL1000 V-Strom '01-'13 for Mounting Top Cases

SW-MOTECH Steel Motorcycle Top Rack for Suzuki DL650 V-Strom '04-'11, & DL1000 V-Strom '01-'13 for Mounting Top Cases

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SKU: GPT.05.293.20001.B

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SW-Motech's highly functional and elegant toprack features a strong, integrated, lightweight steel design. The smart, multi-functional design accepts many brands of topcases including Coocase, TraX ALU-BOX, Pelican and GIVI (Monolock or Monokey).

The Steel Toprack can be mounted with or without SW-MOTECH Quick-Lock sideracks (available separately). This product installs quickly using basic hand tools. No cutting, drilling, or welding of existing motorcycle components required. All mounting hardware included. The Steel-Rack has a black powder coated finish and includes detailed installation instructions. As an added bonus, the toprack includes pre-drilled holes to accept the RotopaX adapter for mounting a RotopaX Pack to your bike! 

If you plan to mount a topcases be sure to purchase the correct topcase adapter hardware. This is accomplished by selecting the correct Steel-Rack Adapter Hardware: from the drop down options when adding the Steel-Rack to the shopping cart.

Special Note:
This toprack will not allow the installation of the Givi adapter plate which is required to install Givi quick connect electrical items. Givi cases WILL attach to this rack without the adapter plate but the quick connect electrical feature cannot be installed.

Also fits Hepco-Becker and Krauser topcases.

Manufacturer # GPT.05.293.20001/B
Customer Reviews
Review by Buck403
Make sure you have the "Sport Rack" on your VStrom. For the '04-'11 VStroms there are 2 OEM luggage racks. The Sport Rack has 2 little spikes off the bottom seen in the image pic. The other one which my wife has is solid metal and has 2 grooves running the length of the actual rack. The sports rack also has a rubber pad on top.
My wifes Strom has the other full metal rack and the Givi plastic plate (E251) for $60 was sufficient. That piece unfortunately doesn't work with the sports rack though.

To install this I lifted the pad up to where you can see where the little rubber plugs pop into the rack and tagged with some Windex. After that I worked it out by pulling up and back and forth gently. They should just pop out. Do all 4 corners first then the center.
I had to loosen the 2 bolts fastening the front of the luggage rack to the top side bolts (where your side bags connect) and completely remove the top 2 bolts holding the luggage rack down in the back. The bottom of the OEM rack doesn't allow for you to get the lock nut on any other way. I think it took a #9 or #10 Metric socket and Allen screws at the top. I already owned the givi fitment pieces but everything bolted into the pre-drilled holes just fine.

There are 4 mount holes in this that mount into the 4 holes the rubber plugs went into. Which means this isn't going to be adjustable like the E251 is. The good news is though that this sits back far enough that removing the seat isn't an issue. (Posted on 2/22/2016)
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