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Shipping to Canada

If shipping from the USA to Canada, we recommend that you use the U.S. Postal Service, not FedEx, to ship your order - it will save you money!

FedEx Canada and the Canada Post collect certain fees upon delivery of goods in excess of what Twisted Throttle charges to your credit card. These are not included with "free shipping".

TwistedThrottle.com charges credit cards in USD and currently ships from the USA. Canadian credit cards may charge you an additional fee (typically 2%-3%) for the currency conversion, and the total shown in our shopping cart does not include Canadian import fees.

Canadian import fees include:

  • Import Duty (Varies based on product type. Most motorcycle accessories are duty free. A few items may have small import duties, typically under 7%) 
  • GST (5% of the value of the product) 
  • PST (0%-10% of the value of the product, depending on the destination province. See Wikipedia for additional details on PST.
  • Brokerage Fee (charged by FedEx or Canada Post) 

The brokerage fee is the only fee that changes based on shipping method, as follows:

Postal Service brokerage fees (CAD$5-CAD$8)
Canada Post automatically charges a $5.00 processing fee ($8.00 for Priority Post) for each package to clear Canada Customs. Short and simple.

FedEx Ground brokerage fees (varies, usually about CAD$14 to CAD$60, depending on size of order)

Fee name Description Amount

Disbursement Fee
(a.k.a. "Advancement Fee")

Greater of CAD$10 or 2.5% of duty, tax and merchandise processing fee charges

Minimum of CAD$10 per shipment
Additional Entry Line Items Charged per line if over 5 line items in your order CAD$3.75 per line item in your order over 5 line items
Clearance Entry Fee When a shipment is processed as a brokerage-inclusive shipment and FedEx Ground arranges for clearance services, a clearance entry fee is charged to cover processes required to check the Commercial Invoice submitted with the shipment and complete entry preparation procedures required by either U.S. Customs and Border Protection or the Canada Border Services Agency, including calculation of applicable duties and taxes for each type of commodity included in the shipment. The clearance entry fee is subject to all applicable Canadian taxes. See the chart below


FedEx Clearance Entry Fee Chart

Value of Shipment (CAD$)

Fee (CAD$)
















$6.03 for each additional $1,000

The above information was accurate as of April 23, 2013, and is subject to change by FedEx at any time. 
See page 3 of FedEx's shipping fees document for current details.

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