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DENALI 2.0 CANsmart Plug-n-Play Controller for BMW K1600 series, F750GS '19, F850GS '19, F850GS Adventure '19 & S1000XR '15-'19 (Discontinued)

DENALI 2.0 CANsmart Plug-n-Play Controller for BMW K1600 series, F750GS '19, F850GS '19, F850GS Adventure '19 & S1000XR '15-'19 (Discontinued)

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SKU: DNL.WHS.11700

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Harness the flexibility and intelligence of your BMW's CANbus electrical system to make installation of accessories drastically easier with the DENALI CANsmart™ Controller. The CANsmart provides for plug-and-play installation of up to four electrical accessories, all controlled through your BMW's existing handlebar switches. No more "tacked on" switches or confounding wire routing. In addition, because the CANsmart controls the power distribution functions, there's no need to wire in bulky relays to control your accessories.

DENALI CANsmart Controller Tech & Installation


The CANsmart's four dedicated circuits are pre-programmed to connect to and independently control two sets of auxiliary lights, an auxiliary horn, and an auxiliary brake light. Each accessory circuit is electronically fused and ready to use right out of the box. Free software (for Mac or PC) allows you to customize these circuits, but the default settings will be right for the vast majority of installations.

It also features a "flash to pass" and "strobe when horn active" setting that will strobe the auxiliary lights when you pulse your high beam switch or sound your horn. The feature-rich brake light circuit will transform a simple two-wire brake light into a smart brake light complete with running light, multiple flash pattern, and deceleration activated braking functionality. The horn circuit enables the addition of an auxiliary horn without having to add a relay and dedicated horn wiring harness.

Want more flexibility? We thought you might. You can set any of the four circuits to Simple Circuit Mode, which will disable all custom circuit settings to provide a clean switched 12V circuit to power an accessory of your choice. The electronic fuse is the only active setting so you can properly fuse your accessory.

This CANsmart is now compatible with the F750, F850, and S1000XR. In order to activate the new compatibility, a software update (v1812.3) is required prior to installation.


  • True Plug & Play installation
  • New firmware allows full dimming control of two-wire circuits, including any brand of driving light
  • Offers custom control of your electrical accessories
  • 4 dedicated circuits pre-programmed to control two sets of auxiliary lights, an auxiliary horn, & an auxiliary brake light
  • Each circuit is electronically fused and preconfigured to use right out of the box
  • Features dozens of customizable settings that can be controlled with CANsmart Accessory Manager Software
  • Flash to pass & strobe when horn active can strobe your auxiliary lights when you pulse the high beam or sound your horn
  • Compatible with the DENALI B6 Auxiliary Brake Light for integrated running light, multiple flash pattern, deceleration & activated braking functionality
  • Permits use of auxiliary horn like the DENALI SoundBomb without having to add a relay or dedicated horn wiring harness

What's in the box:

  • CANsmart Controller
  • (2) 5.5ft light extension cables
  • 5ft SoundBomb horn extension cable
  • Brake light pigtail
  • Zip-ties
  • Adhesive hook-and-loop fastener
  • Micro USB programing cable

Software (Released 3/16/2020):

Windows Download (v2003.1 - Released 3/31/2020)

Mac Download (v2003.1 - Released 3/31/2020)

Please Note:

  • When choosing DENALI 2.0 LED Auxiliary Lights for use with the CANsmart system, be sure to order only the light pods themselves. With the CANsmart, the cabling and relay set included in the full kits is not necessary. You can find the DENALI pods here: D4, D2, DM, DR1, D7, and S4 . (Sold individually, so order two per lighting style you desire!) 

2010-2019 BMW K1600GT

2010-2019 BMW K1600GTL

2013-2019 BMW K1600GTL Exclusive

2017-2019 BMW K1600B Bagger

2019 BMW F750GS

2019 BMW F850GS

2019 BMW F850GS Adventure

2015-2019 BMW S1000XR

Manufacturer # DNL.WHS.11700
Customer Reviews
Review by Guest
When I got the XR, I knew it needed some extras, and I really didn't want to go through the process of wiring an aux fuse panel with relays, etc, so I looked into the CANsmart 2.0. Though the system is optimized for Denali products, with a few extra adapter plugs, this set up has kept 'control clutter' to about non-existent, and has added features such as aux light dimming.

Love the fact that the system is plug-n-play and integrates light controls into the existing controls on the bike. I'm not a horn guy, so I used that wire to supply switched power to
my non-BMW GPS dock. I did use the Denali brake light, which works wonderfully, and I still have the capacity for another set of lights, or (2) switched accessories. Very versatile.

Only caveat I found was it had vague instructions for wiring, but spend a minute, and
you should figure it out. The install itself was straight forward, and my non-Denali lights
work great with the system. The CANsmart 2.0 was a bit pricey to me, but factor in
all the time I saved, and wiring I didn't have to do, and it's overall value bang for buck is pretty good.

Twisted Throttle customer support was a huge help in getting me the adapters I needed
for the accessories I wanted to connect. Thanks! (Posted on 8/21/2019)
Review by Guest
Purchased the CANsmart Controller, mirror mounts, and two S4 pods for a BMW K1600 GT Jul 2019. The Cansmart looks and feels top quality. It also works as advertised, so an easy recommendation. Having said that, the Cansmart arrive with a defective fuse (not blown). Caused a few minutes of panic. Be connected to the internet when first connecting the controller to a computer. There possibly will be an update.

A few other comments. The part of the micro USB protection plug grasped by the human hand needs to be larger. It is so small that it is a tad finicky to insert, and very easy to misplace. There are no blanking covers for unused circuits leaving them exposed to dirt and water. While the overall length of the wire was more than adequate, found the Y to be a tad short. Having said that, this turned out not to be an issue. Using the provided software was straight forward. Possibly one oddity. If the multi-controller is used to adjust the brightness of the lights post setup, the lights remain at that setting when the bike is powered off/on. That is, they do not return to the setting as done by the software.

Wire routing. The two seats, air guides, and the panels covering the gas tank were removed. The wire to the lights was run under the audio unit (screws must be backed off to permit triangle shaped plug to pass under) down the right side of the bike and up over the right air intake and the top right side of the gas tank. The Y was positioned immediately in front of the steering head. The extra wire was stuffed into the space between the air filter and the gas tank. All wire and connectors were covered by the seats/body panels which fit back on without interference from the wiring. (Posted on 8/7/2019)
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