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DENALI CANsmart Controller for BMW R1200 & R1250 Series Motorcycles | Gen II

DENALI CANsmart Controller for BMW R1200 & R1250 Series Motorcycles | Gen II

SKU: DNL.WHS.11602

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Harness the flexibility and intelligence of your BMW motorcycle's CANbus electrical system to make installation of accessories drastically easier with the new and improved DENALI CANsmart™ Controller GEN II.

The DENALI CANsmart™ Controller provides plug-n-play installation and integrated control of up to four accessories to enable dozens of customizable settings that can be controlled right from the BMW "WonderWheel" or the CANsmart™ Accessory Manager Software.

The CANsmart's four circuits are preprogrammed to connect and independently control two sets of DENALI 2.0 lights, a SoundBomb horn, and our B6 auxiliary brake light. However, our Circuit Function Selector will let you run any accessory of your choice on any of the four circuits. The four accessory circuits are electronically fused and can provide up to 25 peak amps (10 amps continuous).


  • High/Low Sync - Set auxiliary lights to switch between a programmable high/low setting with the factory high beam switch.
  • ON/OFF and Dim - Independently control two sets of lights ON/OFF and change intensity level (for both day and night) right from your original vehicle switches.
  • Modulate Lights - Set auxiliary lights to modulate to increase your visibility to other motorists.
  • Flash to Pass - Need to get someone's attention? Pulse your high beam switch three times and your auxiliary lights will strobe three times fast.
  • Cancel With Turn Signal - This feature cancels the corresponding auxiliary light when you turn your turn signal on preventing powerful auxiliary lights from overpowering your signal.
  • Inverse Flashing With Hazards - This features flashes your auxiliary lights inversely to your hazard lights, increasing visibility during road side emergency's.
  • Plug & Play Horn Installation - Quickly and easily connect high power aftermarket horns like our SoundBomb™ without having to add an additional harness or relay.
  • Strobe with Horn - With this feature selected the CANsmart™ software will automatically strobe your auxiliary lights when you sound your horn. This feature works whether you have the factory horn or SoundBomb™ horn installed.
  • Deceleration Activated "Smart Brake" Technology - The CANsmart™ reads vehicle speed in real time to activate your brake light during deceleration before you even touch the brake. You can adjust the sensitivity and minimum speed at which the Smart Brake Feature will activate.
  • Flash Pattern Braking - The CANsmart™ provides four different flash patterns that make our super bright auxiliary brake lights even noticeable to motorists behind you. You can set auxiliary brake lights to only flash under hard braking, flash continuously as your brake is applied or flash four times rapidly then hold steady (California legal flash rate).
  • Circuit Function Selector - The Circuit Function Selector in the CANsmart software will let you run any accessory of your choice on any of the four circuits. Click on a circuit icon to open the drop down menu and make your selection from the list of available circuit functions.
  • Switched Power Source - The CANsmart™ provides a universal "accessory" option which simply gives you clean switched 12V power. That means whatever accessory you connect to this circuit will turn on and off with your ignition.
  • Delay Time Out - You can also set the accessories on this circuit to have a delayed time out. This will keep them powered for up to 30 seconds after your turn off your bike.
  • On Board Power - The "accessory" circuit option is ideal for powering your GPS, phone, heated gear or any other electronic device.

What's in the box?

  • CANsmart™ Controller
  • (x2) 5.5ft Light Extension Cables
  • 5ft SoundBomb Horn Extension Cable
  • B6 Brake Light Wiring Adapter
  • Zip-ties
  • Adhesive Hook-and-Loop Fastener
  • Micro USB Programming Cable

Software (Released 3/16/2020):

Windows Download (v2003.1 - Released 3/31/2020)

Mac Download (v2003.1 - Released 3/31/2020)

2013-2018 BMW R1200GS LC

2014-2018 BMW R1200GS LC Adventure

2015-2018 BMW R1200RS

2015-2018 BMW R1200R

2014-2018 BMW R1200RT

2019 BMW R1250GS

2019 BMW R1250RT

2019 BMW R1200GS Adventure

2019 BMW R1250GS Adventure

2019 BMW R1250R

2019 BMW R1250RS

Manufacturer # DNL.WHS.11602
Customer Reviews
Review by Guest
Broke a connector on a bit of CANsmart accessory wiring; tested system off the bike and then couldn't separate one small connector. Was ready to buy a replacement but couldn't find it listed for sale. Contacted Twisted Throttle and they replaced speedily & without charge. Great customer service.

I bought my CANsmart from Twisted Throttle because I did a lot of online research about CANbus add-ons and Twisted Throttle had the best online information and really helped me choose what I needed. (Posted on 11/10/2019)
Review by Guest
I recently purchased this product and have installed it in the bike "2019 BMW R1250GSA" and when the ignition is turned on the lights immediately turn on - everytime. I do not want it to do this and want to have control of this from the outset. When its powered up i do not want the lights to come on. As it is now i have to turn both sets of lights off seperately everytime i turn the ignition on.I want to turn them on as and when i want them on.The problem is that this does not appear to be possible to set this into the Cansmart? I have made several attempts to get support from the supplier and it is just not possible to get anyone to contact. Very frustrating.....can anyone advise on how to reprogram this?? It is also difficult to rate this product as the build quality looks excellent and the Features look excellent too but given that i cannot operate it as i need to do i cannot establish if it operates correctly and until this is resolved i would not recommend it to anyone. Recommendation is pending.. (Posted on 10/10/2019)
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