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DrySpec Quick Release Mounting Kit for 2 Mil Spec cases | Sidecase Setup

DrySpec Quick Release Mounting Kit for 2 Mil Spec cases | Sidecase Setup


This Item No Longer Available

Note: The DrySpec Quick Release Mounting Kit for 2 Mil Spec cases Sidecase Setup is no longer able to be ordered. Please view related products on the right side of this page for other great accessories that you may be interested in.

The quick release case adapter is a universal case mounting system that will transform any Pelican style flat sided case into quick release motorcycle luggage. It features an integrated keyed snap lock which attaches and locks your case to the sideracks on your motorcycle in one simple motion. This is an adapter kit, case sold separately.

If you already have cases or plan to buy them elsewhere, this quick release adapter kit is perfect! AS long as the case is flat sided case that is at least 10.5" wide X 12" tall. We recommend the Pelican Storm IM2600 Case (sold separately). The quick release case adapter is designed to mount to SW-MOTECH or Givi Monokey sideracks and SW-MOTECH Alu-Rack or Steel-Rack topracks. This kit is not compatable with Givi CAM system sideracks.

This quick release mounting kit includes:

  • (2x) Quick release case adapters
  • (1x) Siderack mounting hardware (same kit for Givi and SW-MOTECH sideracks)
  • (2x) Keyed alike locks (locks the cases to your sideracks)

Packages which include quick release mounting kits and cases are also available HERE

In the event of a crash the lock is desgned to fail before destroying the Pelican case, side carrier or sub-frame of your motorcycle. If you plan to to do some serious off-raod riding and can anticipate parking the bike on it side regularly we suggest carrying an extra set of locks.

Pelican Storm iM2600 luggage system video review:

How waterproof is waterproof?

Customer Reviews
Review by VegasHotWheeler
I actually used this kit for mounting 20mm Ammo cans.
I wanted to be able to key them off. (Posted on 10/27/2015)
Review by Recon7
If you have Pelican cases you need a way to attach them to your bike, obviously.

My bike: 2012 G650GS Sertao, used the SW-Motech quick-loc racks. I already had a top case that is keyed and removable and wanted side cases to match.

Side cases are IM2600. (Posted on 5/7/2015)
Review by cavetroll
I bought these to adapt my old sidecases to a new bike/rack. The kit goes together just fine, and functions well under normal use. The fit was a little loose, and rattled when shaken on the bike, but I didn't notice it while riding.

The issue that I have with the kit came about after dropping my bike at low speed. The kit is designed for the lock core to break, allowing the sidecase to break free of the bike so as to avoid damage to your boxes. This worked just fine, but when I went to replace the lock core, I discovered two annoyances. First, a single lock core costs $15, which strikes me as expensive for such a small and mass-produced part.

Second, the replacement core did not come with the rubber washers (included in the original kit) needed to get a tight fit between the adapter plate and the lock. A few days after installing the mounting kit, I was rear-ended on the bike and one of my boxes came off. I could not find the old core, and so the replacement core (without the rubber washers) didn't fit well on the bike.

So I recommend the kit as a whole, but go into it knowing that replacement parts are steep and will require some additional purchases to fit right. The kit would get a higher score if Twisted Throttle had thought through the replacement parts a bit better. (Posted on 2/11/2015)
Review by Jhonsey
I mounted a pair of DrySpec H36 Cases with these mounts. The directions were clear and installation did not take long at all. One thing I did differently from the instructions was move the cases a little lower on the mount to clear the edge of the indentation on the bags. The top holes ended up being 1 1/4" below the top of the case. In my opinion the height is spot on with this measurement. The way the cases 'click in' feels much more secure than my old setup. I'm not saying the other cases latching system is bad, it just has a different feel. I'm very impressed with the engineering on the Quick Release Mounting Kit. I will be getting another setup for my other motorcycle. (Posted on 7/30/2014)
Review by IdahoRenegace
I just came in from mounting this unit on a '13 V-Strom 650 with the Givi rack system and taking a test ride. As the title says, good, but not perfect. Overall quality and appearance is nice, can't fault the workmanship. The issues I am about to describe may only be an issue with my bike and rack, so take it with a grain of salt. First-the Givi "pucks" are removed and replaced with new ones in this kit, with longer mounting screws that extend through the threaded sleeves in Givi frame. No problem...except the tapped holes in the Givi frame are not threaded cleanly all the way through. Either they were not tapped quite through or the holes had power coat in them. GET A M6 TAP AND CHASE THE THREADS BEFORE TRYING TO MOUNT THE PUCKS. Failure to do so will, I suspect, ruin the screws. Not a big deal, I had the tap, took about 2 minutes to chase all 4 holes. Once that was done, the right side bag went on without a hitch. The instructions are clear and well written. This is not a problem with this product, it is with the Givi rack, and not really a big deal.

Left side bag for my bike required a spacer kit to extend the mounts outward. Otherwise the locking bracket will hit the grab bar of the bike. Only thing is the spacers were a bit short. An extra 1/8 inch would be plenty, 1/16 might even do it. Missed it by thaaat much. I did some very slight bending to the upper tab that mounts to the top of the frame to move the latch out a tiny bit. Visually you can barely see it, not a big deal. The other issue-the threaded portion of the screws in the kit with the spacers are too short-the screws bottom in the thread on the unthreaded shank of the screw. Again, no big deal, a washer took care of it, or a trip to the hardware store for some different screws would address it. All these issues would be specific to this bike (new 650 Strom) and the spacer kit.

One issue I don't care for-the height of the cases. The are high, about even with the top of the seat. I would prefer them to be lower by 1-2 inches. The mounting tab that mounts to the top bar of your rack dictates this elevation. It would be easy enough to shorten it and drill 2 new holes, but then the lower "yokes" wouldn't match the pucks. One caution as well-play with the front to back position on your cases on your bike, especially if you will carry a passenger. You may want to move the cases such that the mounts are offset to the front of the cases-I suspect I will redrill my holes. I suspected that going in but wanted to try them centered on the cases, just for looks.

Last issue-the yokes that go around the pucks on the mounting frame do not fit tightly. In the brief ride I took (on a gravel road) I noticed considerable rattling between these surfaces. I'll be playing with that, I expect some o-rings or rubber spacers would "wedge" these parts and address the issue.

Overall, it seems to be a good product, I'd say 3.5 if it was an option. And on a different bike, much of what I described wouldn't be an issue, I'd probably go a 4. The rattle issue does need to be addressed, and perhaps the height issue as well. (Posted on 7/7/2014)
Review by Robert
This is a top quality product, with a few minor issues, but I already notified Twisted Throttle and as is their usual way of conducting business, they took it in stride and thanked me for letting them know. Definitely one of the best companies I've ever dealt with. But back to the product:

Build quality is simple and effective. I used it to mount two Pelican 1550 cases to a Givi tubular rack (PL532) on my DL650. I was going to build my own setup, but by the time I could manufacture or piece together the parts, I'd spend just as much time and money and not have something I could trust, nor really lock. Installation was relatively quick - the only problem I had was that I stripped out 3 of the hex head bolts that mount to the actual rack. This is what I notified Twisted Throttle about. I had to extract the screws and I installed tougher ones in their place. Although I don't think it was completely their product - the Givi Tubular rack I was installing to I think had paint or something in the threaded holes. Possibly a combination of the two. Either way once this was remedied the rest of the process was quick and painless. Until someone tried to steal one of my panniers. The lock held up and they didn't get it, but the 'panel washer' got a little bent up and I had to fix it. I've dropped the bike on it's side and the cases stayed put and nothing broke, so the hardware is pretty tough. Overall if you want an effective and simple way to mount panniers to your bike with some peace-of-mind, I'd highly recommend this product. (Posted on 8/17/2013)
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