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Electrical Connection LED Motorcycle Battery Voltage Monitor (flush mount kit)

Electrical Connection LED Motorcycle Battery Voltage Monitor (flush mount kit)

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SKU: EC.04101

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Proclaimed as an "Innovation of the Month" by Motorcycle Consumer News and the "Smart Idiot Light" by another leading magazine editor, this is the smallest and simplest monitoring device available. It's also more than a light that comes on after it's too late; it's a unique and cost effective voltage indicator.

A 1/4" (T1 3/4) LED displays voltage levels using colors in a stoplight style arrangement: RED - less than 11.5 volts, AMBER - 11.9 to 11.5 volts, and GREEN - 12 volts and up. Fuse protection, wiring, connector assortment and complete instructions are included. Simple 2 wire installation. Remember, GREEN means GO, AMBER is WARNING, RED means STOP! Designed for installation on bikes with a fairing or for custom installation. Drilling a single 1/4-inch hole is required to install the flush-mount LED in any flat surface near your instrument panel.
Manufacturer # 4101
Customer Reviews
Review by Ryan
The color changing points are way off. It's green at 12 volts and higher?! Between 12 and around 12.5, you are discharging your battery. You might arrive at your destination with a dead battery, unable to continue. And it doesn't go red until it hits 11.5 volts? Most modern motorcycles would quit running long before the battery drops that low. I really wanted to like this product but I can't see how this would be helpful, except to let you know you'd had a total charging system failure. Maybe that's what it's for. I thought it was to let you know if you are running too many accessories at one time. (Posted on 6/18/2016)
Review by clive
I just zip tied it to my throttle cable........... (Posted on 1/28/2016)
Review by BikeNBoatN
This is actually the second one of these monitors I've gotten over the years. The first was for a previous bike a good 15 years ago. It worked well by alerting me that the stator was dying before it left me stranded. Had to have that on my current bike, a Versys 650. So I was very happy to discover that Twisted Throttle sold the same item all these years later. Two comments: the installation would go even better if TT would substitute PosiTaps for those awful scotch-lok style wire connectors. That would also help justify the somewhat expensive price and demonstrate TT's high quality. Second comment: the LED could be a little brighter. I don't remember the old one being quite this dim. Unless you are directly in front of the lens, the green light is not visible in direct sunlight. If it goes red, you can see it, so it still does what it is supposed to do, that is, alert you that you are drawing power faster than the charging system can supply. If your bike doesn't have any type of voltage meter and you don't want a digital display that you have to actually interpret and pay attention to, get this! (Posted on 1/10/2016)
Review by Superfunkomatic
I installed the monitor on my Yamaha TW200 and now I can tell when I am overloading the generator using my electrically heated riding gear. (Posted on 10/15/2015)
Review by SergX
I had a very hard time getting the LED mounted, to the point where the leads broke! I was upset with myself thinking I did something wrong!

I consulted with my coworker, who is a soldering genius, and we decided to replace the LED with a flashing red (he didn't have the correct dual-color LED in the right size) - I lost the "green / yellow" lights but - I didn't care... if I was having a problem, a flashing red light would get my attention better.

It wasn't until I went to install the product with his LED that I realized the original LED was put together without care for where it was going to be mounted, it had too much heat-shrink that overlapped the LED, then each lead was also heat-shrink wrapped that made the whole LED too thick to fit into the hole/mount. Which lead to the break. My friend's version snapped into the mount PERFECTLY, the 1st time! Like the original one SHOULD have, if there was any quality control to make sure it did so before it was shipped!

But now, it works GREAT! I think I actually like the Off if everything is OK, and Flashing Red if voltage drops 12v more than I would have the original Green/"Yellow"/Red!

I was very upset at the quality control and the fact that it caused me to break it, but thanks to my friend- I am just annoyed now at the time spent, the experience, and wasting my friend's time to fix it. (Posted on 12/16/2014)
Review by Troy
I wanted a simple voltage monitor. I don't think it can get much simpler than this one. Pretty easy installation (I secured it in place with epoxy that took 24hrs to cure). It looks good, is unintrusive, and gives me peace of mind. (Posted on 10/7/2014)
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