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Meet the Twisted Crew


Erik S.

Erik, a.k.a. Mr. Twisted, is the founder of this asylum and keeps the place running like a well oiled machine (don't ask what type of machine...)! Of the many Twisted Bikes, Erik's favored trackday toy is the 2012 Triumph Street Triple R. After graduating from the University of Delaware Erik quickly learned that moonlighting as a trombone player in a rock and jazz band while consulting for a law firm just wasn’t the life for him. Apparently you can't wear race leathers to a board meeting without co-workers nicknaming you “the Terminator."”Trading in the 5 wheels on his corporate office chair for 2, Erik has now been able to ride on every continent on Earth with the exception of Antarctica (possible?). With adventures like that under his belt, “Mr Twisted” knows what we sell and how it works in all sorts of riding conditions.

Twisted since June 2002




Nick S.

Nick is our company beserker and the guy who keeps the orders flowing to the warehouse. When he is not wrestling computers, he can be heard rumbling through the countryside on his HD Sportster or Pontiac TransAm.

Twisted since August 2006





Even though Dereck is no longer with us, “Chappy” will always be part of the Twisted crew... Always.

Twisted since January 2008




David P. 

David is a full-time father, husband and outdoors enthusiast extraordinaire. When he's not teaching Viking combat or pirate reenacting he might be feeding his chickens or enjoying family time on the archery/axe-throwing range at home.

With 20+ years in Purchasing and Retail Management in the sport optics and print media industries, David has turned his passion loose on adventure motorcycling and can be spotted riding his Kawasaki KLR650A, 1973 Honda CL175 dirt-tracker or GSX-R 750. Next Bike? Ural with plenty of room for a musket and a deer!

Twisted since April 2008




Nate B. 

Nate is our in-house product designer from the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). Master of all things metal, as well as doing crafty graphic illustrations and catalog creation, Nate is a chronic Jeep modifier and is learning to speak German so he can play nice with our European suppliers. Nate's current ride is a Suzuki DRZ400SM supermoto. Since purchase, he's built more new toys for that bike than any other. We think he's biased.

Twisted since June 2008




Tom H. 

Tom drives the Twisted Trailer to shows all around the country and fixes it when the wheels come off. When he's not forced to drive our big rig, he prefers to ride his BMW R1150GS or F650GS single. A wild world traveler with a penchant for twisties, he has the best party house of the crew and hosts summer shoreline fiestas that no one ever forgets... and he carries the best first aid kit on his bike out of anyone in the shop!

Twisted since July 2008




Greg G. 

Greg grew up on dirt bikes, ATV's and all other things motorized! He joined Twisted Throttle in 2010 as a shipper in the warehouse, moved to customer service, then on to working in our Product Development department as he completed his engineering degree.

Do you like the bike-specific Denali light mount on your motorcycle? Chances are good that Greg designed, fabricated the prototype, and test-fitted the part before it ever arrived in the FedEx truck. 

Twisted since February 2010





Justin P. 

“J.P.” is our mad man in the warehouse! This guy started out packing boxes and now he manages the place. Goes to show:  Do something really well for a long time and people start to notice! And even offer a reward or two.

Not only did JP move up the ladder, he's been instrumental in getting our warehouse running on state-of-the-art inventory management tools that should speed shipping and make his already immaculate inventory control just that much better. 

Twisted since July 2011




Raja K. 

Raja is our CIO. Genius of all things digital, he's masterminded several plots involving laser beams and “one million dollars.”

Twisted since November 2011





Dave P. 

With 13 years of dealer experience in service and parts departments, Dave is our Service Manager and the guy behind the scenes of our video efforts. At age 13, Dave started on a '79 Honda 250, which was only the beginning of his relationship with two-wheelers, both off-road and street. Oh yeah, and there was some roadracing mixed in. He'll ride any bike that has the key left in it, but don't worry, he'll fill the tank before bringing it back! 

Twisted since February 2013




Michelle H.

Michelle is our Countess. By day she takes care of the 'counting and keeps things running smoothly. By night she vanishes into the shadows. She prefers to ride shotgun on her husband's Harley because she actually carries a shotgun (and knows how to use it.)

Twisted since April 2013




Jessica P. 

Jessica is our esteemed Marketing Director. This industry veteran, who has moved on from better jobs than any of us will ever have, makes sure our customer outreach is clear, consistent, and so compelling you can’t help but empty your 401k in the direction of your motorcycle.

Having worked for the Motorcycle Industry Council, laboring as Editor of RoadBike magazine, and opening her own retail store for consignment motorcycle gear, Jess not only has far-reaching two-wheel experience but she knows where the skeletons are buried. 

And avid rider her ownself, Jess pilots a Triumph Tiger 800 but is willing to throw a leg over just about anything that wanders into our shop. 

Twisted since May 2015




Lillian G. 

Lillian is a local success story, moving from the warehouse, where she was juggling parts to get them out the door to you, to an “inside” job as Accounts Payable Specialist She's currently without a motorcycle of her own, but dreams of owning a Yamaha R6. Living on a farm gives her a diverse background of video games, fishing, and shooting.

Twisted since June 2015




Keith G.

Keith is our intimidating Beard-O... that is until he cracks a grin. He has been riding since he was a mere 12 (presumably with a full beard then too) with an affinity for MX/Touring/Dual Sport bikes. One time, at bike camp, he saw a Superman cape in the middle of the road, picked it up with his foot and wore it for three straight days.

Keith is one of our customer service experts.

He has Type-O Negative blood. (Random fact alert.)

Twisted since October 2015




Erich P. 

This guy... 

Erich comes to Twisted with eight years of marketing experience and about a zillion miles of road under his cycling belt. And with every month adds a few more miles on his Triumph Street Triple. 

This guy knows his stuff. A self-proclaimed analytics super-nerd, Erich slays that data and those metrics day in and day out.

Twisted since October 2015





Glen B.

Glen is a silent storm in the warehouse. 

He is the king of assembling parts that go with other parts so that you get a package that you didn't even know used to be in pieces. 

He rides a Victory Kingpin like a boss with the presence of Pitbull the rapper... until you hear him talk and he's just really the nicest guy. Like ever. Glen says he has no interesting stories about him to tell. We don't believe him for a second...

Twisted since June 2016




Marc C.

Our “cranky old man of Content” came to us from a life of motorcycle journalism, from which he is recovering nicely, thanks for asking. His two-wheel interest spans the range from big-inch cruisers to full-on superbikes. Today, his ride of choice is the delightfully simple (and cheap!) Honda CRF250L Rally.

Always a tinkerer and fabricator, Marc enjoys building project bikes with our shop steward Dave. That's when he's not fulfilling his job title of Content Director by going mano-a-mano with our e-commerce software. “Why, Magento? Why??” Suddenly being a big-shot magazine editor seems easy by comparison to wrangling 40,000 part numbers. Even old guys can learn.

Twisted since September 2016




Phil D.

Phil is an MOFW (man of few words) but a fan of colorful t-shirt slogans. When not roaming our warehouse looking for mysteriously stacked motorcycle parts, he enjoys reading, playing games, and watching movies. He would not elaborate which. No, he would not.

Twisted since October 2016




Marisa M.

Our hardworking Gear Scout has been riding motorcycles nearly her whole life, starting on dirtbikes as a kid with her two brothers and progressing to the street as she got older. “Now ADV and dual sport riding is my favorite, but anything with two wheels catches my attention. I compete in local off-road races (hare scramble and enduro). I have also competed in NASA Rally Moto,” Marisa says.

Things we don't know about her? “Hmm… I worked as a whitewater raft guide in college and I have an adorable cat named Duke (yes, after the KTM)...” Of course.

Twisted since November 2016




Josh S.

Despite having baked an excessive amount of bread for multiple bakeries and having chased anomalous phone system issues while working IT at a large Avaya reseller, Josh embraces every day with a unique quizzical joy.

When not helping us transition our extensive software suites, Josh troubleshoots for the web-content team and contributes his love of process control and "maths" to the purchasing department. Is there anything Josh doesn't do here at Twisted? Ironically, yes...bake.

Twisted since December 2016




Ron S.

Our Regional Sales Manager for the Eastern US is not only a drummer in a promising local band and a fan of Clown Loaches but he's also an avid motorcyclist with a weakness for European machinery. 

With a rare 1994 Ducati 900CR giving away to a 2016 Moto Guzzi Griso, Ron's garage is never without character. (Or an oil stain.) His Triumph Bonneville should help keep things in order.

Ron joins us after 25 years in wholesale paint and hardware distribution. Now we know where to get screws for cheap.

Twisted since December 2016




John E.

John is one of our hard working Purchasing guys. “I started riding at the age of 6, and have been going since. That’s a little over 40 years of life on two wheels. In that time, the stable has included mounts from Yamaha, Kawasaki, Can-Am, Rokon, Triumph, and Ducati, with my latest ride an ST4S.” John's done numerous track days and raced hare-scrambles, dirt drags, motocross, and hill climbs.

Before joining Twisted Distributing, John was the General Manager of the Hard Rock Cafe and Retail Store in Foxwoods Casino, the largest casino in North America. “The move to Twisted offers me an exciting opportunity to combine my profession with my lifelong passion for motorcycling.”

Twisted since December 2016




Daniella V.

Our new Accounts Payable staffer comes with some firepower: Specifically, six years in the military as a machine gunner-turned-aviation operations specialist.

Daniella is “addicted to hot sauce and tacos” and likes to “chill on the beach in the summer, snowboard in the winter, and lift heavy s#!t all year round.” With the amount of paperwork flying around here, she's never shy of something to dead lift.

Twisted since May 2017



Antony D.

Antony is responsible for French Canadian support and Export Dealer Sales for Twisted Distributing. Born in France, Antony spent his first 30 years living in the French Pyrenees in the southwest region of the country. The Pyrenees mountains link the Atlantic to the Mediterranean along the border with Spain. 

Before moving to the U.S., he had a 2002 Yamaha FZ1. 

“Coming to the U.S. and working for Twisted Throttle gives me the opportunity to merge my love of motorcycles with a career at one of America's leading distributors.” 

We're trying to get Antony to teach us how to cuss in French, but he's too much of a gentleman to do so. Merde!

Twisted since June 2017



John Y.

Young John is a huge sports fan who likes to play pickup basketball as well as watch his favorite teams--the Boston Red Sox and Celtics as well as the New England Patriots. 

A former intern here at Twisted, John joined our crew full time as a Video and Graphic Specialist and is responsible for a good many of the videos you see here on this site and on our YouTube channel. A big fan of small ADV bikes, John plans to get his motorcycle license as soon as the snow clears.

Twisted since June 2017



Harsh P.

Students at Roger Williams University either greatly miss Harsh’s stir-fry work, or they’re grateful for the reprieve. We haven’t been informed. Either way, their loss is our gain. Harsh, as part of our hard-working warehouse crew, keeps parts flowing smoothly from shelves to boxes to the FedEx guy standing at the loading dock, tapping his foot.

When not hoofing boxes in the warehouse, Harsh likes to watch sports, especially cricket. (He’s tried to explain the sport to us, without a lot of success.) He’s without a motorcycle here in Rhode Island but rode as a teenager in his native India.

Twisted since August 2017




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