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Twisted Showroom Events

Upcoming Showroom events:

 Rhode Island Bike Night - Thursday April 24, 5-8pm

The last Thursday of every month set your destination to the Twisted Throttle Factory Store where we will be having fun, food, music and all things moto. All summer long RI Bike Night will be hosting raffles and giveaways, showcasing unique vendors and showing motorcycle movies on our 10 foot wide movie screen.

Each Bike Night we'll have some kind of fun event or contest. So set your GPS to N 41.56484°, W071.65942° and ride down with your friends for some GOOD TIMES!  #RIbikeNight

For a complete list of everything going on at our first bike night visit our bike night page HERE.



2014 Annual Open House at Twisted Throttle World Headquarters

 Saturday, May 24th. Write it down! Food, Stunt show by Chris "Teach" McNeil, Over 20 Vendors, Entertainment, Sales, Seminars and much more.



Puget Sound Safety Off Road 101 Training Course. Sunday, May 25th

The day will start off with a morning of closed area training at a location near the Twisted Throttle world headquarters followed by a break for lunch. The afternoon will be filled with a beginner level Adventure ride led by PSSOR instructors and Twisted Throttle staff.

Register here: https://pugetsoundsafety.com/register/6070
Limited to 30 riders
Price $275

What does the Off Road 101 course offer?

The Off Road 101 course is for riders looking to expand or learn general off road riding techniques. This course offers the skills and knowledge for riding off road and on trails.

Some street or off road riding experience is required. A dual-sport bike is also required. Youth may be permitted to join this training if they ride an adult-sized dirtbike. This is also an excellent venue for street (dualsport and adventure!) riders that are interested in becoming more skilled at traction control and technical riding.

What techniques will I learn?

Key skills include slow speed control, hills, braking/sliding, picking up your motorcycle, body mechanics, improved turning, and quick reaction maneuvers.

- Riding posture (standing, sitting, weight transfer)
- Slow speed control (clutch/throttle/brake coordination)
- Picking up your motorcycle
- Braking and evasive maneuvers
- Surmounting obstacles
- Starting/stopping, ascending/descending hills

You will also learn how to prevent injury, control traction and how to set your bike up for better control and comfort.

Register here: https://pugetsoundsafety.com/register/6070
Limited to 30 riders
Price $275


All Events will be held at:

Twisted Throttle World Headquarters
570 Nooseneck Hill Rd.
Exeter, RI 02822