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Givi E45NJ Junior Economy Monokey Luggage Case (ea) - 45 liters/case (Discontinued)

Givi E45NJ Junior Economy Monokey Luggage Case (ea) - 45 liters/case (Discontinued)

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SKU: Givi E45NJ

Sorry, but this item is no longer available.

Note: The Givi E45NJ Junior Economy Monokey Luggage Case (ea) - 45 liters/case has been discontinued and is not able to be ordered.

The E45NJ Junior Economy Monokey luggage case is similar to the E45N, but lacks reflectors, stickers, trim panels, and internal retention straps. Due to the lack of internal retention straps, this case is not recommended for use as a sidecase.

Givi markets the case for use as an inexpensive sidecase or topcase, but we only recommend the E45NJ for use as a topcase.

The lack of internal retention straps makes the E45NJ inconvenient for use as a sidecase. If you open the case when attached to the bike as a sidecase, items often fall out of the case because there is no retention strap system. If you like the E45NJ but plan on using it as a sidecase, we recommend upgrading to the standard E45N case, which includes internal retention straps.

Of course, this case is equipped with the same Monokey system that allows the bag to be opened, closed, locked, and removed with the same key. The case locks both closed and to the rack. The E45NJ is available in matte black only; a painted finish is not available. Compatible with Monokey versions of Givi, Five Stars, and SW-Motech luggage racks. Accessories available separately include backrest pads, top luggage racks, and an inner nylon liner bag.

Dimensions: 22"L x 16.3"W x 12"D (56.0 x 41.3 x 30.3 cm).
Capacity: 45 liters.
Max. load: 22 lbs
Manufacturer # E45NJ
Customer Reviews
Review by Richard
I've been using the E45 boxes for years, on every thing from cruisers to sport-touring bikes and full on sport bikes being used for commuting. I've used it on a plate mounted to my trailer. I've used it as an ice chest. I've used it as a mobile toolbox. I think the boxier style is absolutely perfect for more real-world use and maximizing the storage for practical use. They're not painted to match the bike like some others, and they're not curvy or space-ship looking some of the models. But I don't care; I think the E45 is the perfect top case, and a match pair of E36 boxes as side cases make for a nearly perfect 3-piece luggage setup. (Posted on 1/28/2013)
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