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Givi MT501S Metro-T Multilock Saddlebag (Ea.) | 18L

Givi MT501S Metro-T Multilock Saddlebag (Ea.) | 18L

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Givi MT501S Metro-T Side Saddlebag (Ea.) | 18 Liters/Bag

This side saddlebag by Givi has a line-up of features that make it a great luggage solution for your gear. The MT501S Metro-T is a top loading, expanding, and easily transportable side bag. Using the Multilock system, detach the bag from your motorbike and take it with you using either the comfortable hand grip, or shoulder strap. The Givi Multilock system allows for rapid adding and removing of this side saddlebag. Sideracks are motorcycle specific and sold separately.

You can stuff 18 liters of travel essentials in this handy case, taking advantage of the mesh side pockets for those extra items you just can’t live without. If you need a little extra room, the MT501S expands. To finish the case off Givi included a rain cover for those adventure or rainy days.

The zippers are lock ready, so you don’t have to worry about your things walking away. For extra visibility Givi has added reflective inserts on the sides of the MT501S Metro-T.

Givi manufactures this bag using a combination of materials like thermoformed EVA, Guzzy600D - PVC, and PU. These textiles make the side bag water, stress crack, and UV resistant.  The MT501S Metro-T is tuned into the needs for city commuters, and adventure riders alike.

If you are looking for a pair of these great side saddlebags, check out a set of them here.

Dimensions: Height 14.2” x Depth 7.9” x Width 13.4”


  • GIVI Multilock mounting system
  • 18 liter volume per case
  • Side mesh pockets
  • Rain cover
  • Manufactured using thermoformed EVA and covered with Guzy600D and PU
  • Carry handle or shoulder strap option
  • UV resistant in accordance with ISO 4892-2:3013 regulations – 500 hours exposure in a Q-Sun Xenon test chamber
  • Zipper pulls are designed to work with a lock
  • Reflective inserts for more visibility
Manufacturer # MT501S
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