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GIVI PLX4114 Tubular Side Carriers to fit GIVI V35 PLX Side Cases For Kawasaki Versys 650 / LT '15-'19

GIVI PLX4114 Tubular Side Carriers to fit GIVI V35 PLX Side Cases For Kawasaki Versys 650 / LT '15-'19

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The GIVI PLX4114 tubular side carriers were constructed to securely mount a set of GIVI V35 side cases to your motorcycle. These pannier holders maximize the available space on your Versys 650 providing you with a low profile appearance even when the luggage is attached. This set of side racks are constructed using tubular steel and closely hug the shape of your motorbike and have a simple bolt on design. Grab the GIVI PLX4114 tubular side carriers and get a great looking and functional luggage solution for your GIVI V35's.

There is a GIVI turn location signal relocation kit available here that will enable you to easily move your rear flashers to a higher more visible location.

To complete the installation of the GIVI PLX4114 you must also have either the corresponding motorcycle specific top rack or fitting kit.


  • Tubular steel construction
  • Durable powder coated black finish
  • Securely mounts to subframe
  • Allows mounting of GIVI V35 side cases
  • Permits easy removal of V35 side cases
  • Space efficient design maximizes space for a sleek low profile with cases mounted
  • Simple bolt-on installation
  • No modifications needed

What's In The Box:

  • GIVI PLX4114 rapid release tubular side carriers
  • Mounting hardware
  • Installation instructions


 GIVI Top Case Plates for GIVI Monokey and Monolock cases

Since your GIVI top rack system requires a top case plate to be functional, you will need to have a bit of information to figure out which type you will need. After you have confirmed that this rack will fit your motorcycle, determine if you will be mounting a Monokey or Monolock GIVI top case to your motorcycle. Here is a quick rundown on these two different types…

Monokey top cases feature heavy duty construction combined with elegant styling. The GIVI Monokey mount system is comprised of two separate forward mounting points with a rearward locking tab. Click here to see the line up of GIVI Monokey top cases.

Monolock top cases feature lighter weight construction. The GIVI Monolock mount system incorporates a forward mounting bar with a rearward locking tab. Although all new GIVI Monolock cases include a universal mounting plate kit that is designed to allow fitment to most stock or aftermarket flat or tubular luggage racks we do recommend the MM or M5M Monolock adapter be used with any GIVI top rack due to the ease of installation and a cleaner look. Click here to view the available GIVI Monolock top cases.

Some top racks include the top case plates and some require an additional selection. Either way, knowing which type of case you are mounting will tell you which top case plate or top rack type you will need to go with your top rack. For Monokey cases, you will need to select the Monokey top case plate for your top rack and as you would suspect, for Monolock cases you would need a Monolock plate. Since there may be more than one choice in the style plate you need, here are some key features…

M9A and M9B Monokey Plates are newly designed anodized aluiminum plates featuring formed aluminum construction, which enables them to be thinner (just 3mm), lighter, and stronger than the similar M8 plates. Available in aluminum or black finish. Compatible with FZ or SR series GIVI top racks and all Monokey top cases.

M8A Plate is designed to complement the Trekker line of Monokey top cases. They are constructed of 5mm anodized aluminum and available in silver (M8A) finish. There are compatible with FZ or SR series GIVI top racks and all Monokey top cases.

M5 Monokey Plate features a streamlined design with rugged nylon construction, a black matte finish and is compatible with FZ or SR series GIVI top racks and all Monokey top cases.

M7 Monokey Plate provides secure mounting for any of the Monokey series top cases onto any of the FZ or SR series top racks. This rugged nylon plate features a durable center luggage rack that provides support for strapping soft luggage and smaller items to the rack when not using a top case.

CM7A900 Silver Insert adds style to your M7 Monokey plate. Simple to install, the satin finish provides an accent trim to the center support area of your rack.

M3 Monokey Plate features a flat design with strong nylon construction and a matte black finish. This plate works only with GIVI F series top racks and all Monokey top cases.

MM Monolock Plate also features a flat design but is made from aluminum with a black finish. This plate works with all Monolock top cases and only GIVI F series top racks.

M5M Monolock Plate is another streamlined adapter with durable nylon construction. This is compatible with all Monolock top cases and GIVI FZ or SR series top racks.


Note: All other luggage & accessories shown in the image about are not included with the purchase of the side carriers.

2015-2019 Kawasaki Versys 650

2015-2019 Kawasaki Versys 650 LT

Manufacturer # PLX4114
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