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GIVI S290 Heat Guard Muffler Shield for Soft Luggage

GIVI S290 Heat Guard Muffler Shield for Soft Luggage

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Safely add a soft saddlebag on your motorcycle with the GIVI S290 Heat Guard muffler shield. Lightweight aluminum construction is available in a smaller 150 MM length and a larger 200 MM length. This attractive heat shield mounts to your exhaust can with one of 4 different sized stainless-steel band clamps which are isolated with a high-temp adhesive fabric that also protects the finish. Keep your luggage safe from the hot exhaust can and install the S290 Heat Guard from GIVI!

GIVI S290 Heat Guard



  • Anodized aluminum heat shield
  • Sheild available in 150 MM or 200 MM length
  • Designed for use with available 316 stainless steel band clamps
  • Band clamps available in 100 MM, 120 MM, 140 MM, & 160 MM lengths
  • High-temp adhesive fabric protects exhaust from scratches
  • Allows the use of soft luggage on motorcycles with high mount exhaust

Step One:

Select Heat Shield Length:

      • 150 MM or 200 MM


Step Two

Select Steel Band Clamp Length:

  • Clamp 100 (80-100 MM)
  • Clamp 120 (100-120 MM)
  • Clamp 140 (120-140 MM)
  • Clamp 160 (140-160 MM)

Please Note: To ensure fitment, measure your muffler (when cool, of course) with a soft tape measure to verify the circumference of your exhaust can. This kit is for cans with an overall circumference between 80-160 MM, give or take a few millimeters. Round up to the larger band size when ordering.

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