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Heidenau K60 Scout, Dual-Sport Rear Tire | 17 inch Size 170/60-17 50% Street / 50% Dirt, 72T, Tubeless Bias Ply

Heidenau K60 Scout, Dual-Sport Rear Tire | 17 inch Size 170/60-17 50% Street / 50% Dirt, 72T, Tubeless Bias Ply

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The Heidenau K60 Scout, Dual-Sport Rear Tire combines on and off-road performance with a smooth ride and durable long lasting traction. The continuous circumference tread design maximizes the contact patch to minimize vibrations and maximize miles. The carefully crafted lugs of the versatile K60 conquer dirt, sand, rocks, mud and twisty roads with ease. Durable Bias ply construction means these tires are ready for action. Enjoy venturing off the beaten path with the reliability to go where you please with confidence!

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  • Balanced performance on pavement & off-road
  • Smooth highway ride
  • Big block tread design
  • Superb cornering stability
  • Great wet weather handling 
  • Directional rear tire
  • Improved rubber compound 
  • 170/60-18 Rear Tire
  • Maximum speed: 118 MPH
  • Tubeless design

Customer Reviews
Review by Guest
This is my fourth Heidi K60 rear tire. Second K60 for the front. The overall performance of the tire is excellent in the dual sport environment. Great traction off road in dirt, gravel and muddy conditions. Better than expected traction on the pavement for a dual sport 50/50 tire. A 14,000 mile, 80 day trip from northern CA to Dead Horse was the ultimate test. This trip included approximately 3,500 miles of very back country riding. We had no tire issues. Two BMW GS1200's (one 2012 and one 2014) and one KTM 690 all running K60's. My only complaint, the wear of the rear tire on the 170/60-17 size is twice of that on the 2012 GS. Both GS riders have pretty much the same riding style. This has been proven twice now on the GS's. I know the tread depth is significantly less on the 170/60-17 than the 2012 GS. Expect about 5K miles out of this tire compared to 10K miles out of the K60 on 2012 GS's. Does anyone know why? (Posted on 7/12/2018)
Review by Guest
I really enjoy them on the road and off road! I am very impressed with it performance. (Posted on 3/25/2018)
Review by Guest
I have been putting aside - don't ask why - getting the Heidenau tires for a while and now that I finally made the switch I can't figure out what took me so long! I just put about 5000 miles on these tires and I could not be happier. 2000 of these miles were on gravel and hard/compacted dirt and I got fantastic traction in both scenarios. Did some mud, not very deep maybe at the most
5" deep and no problems there either! In short: just fantastic tires on and off road! But watch the front end! Don't lean too far! I just rode the Stelvio pass and, oh well, that says it all! Ride safe everybody! Cheers (Posted on 8/3/2017)
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