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Interphone Micro USB Charging Cable

Interphone Micro USB Charging Cable

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The Interphone Micro USB charging cable allows you to charge your Interphone device when connected to a USB compatible power source and download software updates when hooked up to a computer. This cable is 1 meter long to give you enough room to hook up and charge safely. Grab the Interphone Micro USB charging cable as a spare to keep with you on your motorcycle or to be used as a charging cable for any of your Micro USB compatible gadgets.


  • Micro USB charging cable to charge Interphone accessories and get software updates when plugged into a computer
  • Compatible with Micro USB, Dock, Lightning (MFI certified), Mini USB, SGH M600
  • Length: 39.3 inches

What's In The Box:

  • Interphone Micro USB charging cable

Note: This device has power consumption with no load and may consume power if connected directly to the battery. It is recommended that this device is connected to a switched power source or a device such as the Denali PowerHub2 to prevent battery drain when the motorcycle is not running.

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