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Macna Men's Summer Silicum Mesh Motorcycle Pant (Discontinued)

Macna Men's Summer Silicum Mesh Motorcycle Pant (Discontinued)

SKU: MN.2050

Sorry, but this item is no longer available.

Note: The Macna Men's Summer Silicum Mesh Motorcycle Pant has been discontinued and is no longer able to be ordered.

Macna Silicum motorcycle mesh pants for men provide warm weather/summer comfort and protection. Macna's Silicum pants are made from a combination of abrasion-resistant cordura in the impact zones with a 3-D mesh to increase the flow of air through the pants. The styling and color of the Silicum pants match the Chili jacket for a sharp looking vented suit.

Macna's men’s Silicum motorcycle pants are designed for warm weather riding. The Silicum motorcycle pants feature large panels of special 3D Mesh material to maximize airflow. The Silicum also has abrasion-resistant nylon panels, adjustable CE knee protection, and hip pads to help minimize injury in the event of a fall. 

The Silicum includes large cuff zippers and nylon fabric lining the inside of the cuffs for easy entry and exit. Heat shield fabric at the cuffs prevents melting from accidental contact with hot parts. Dual adjustable belts and stretch material at the waist allow fitment to a wide variety of body shapes.

The Silicum pants also feature a short zipper for connecting to Macna jackets, laminated reflective material designed to increase visibility from all angles, and anti-slip strips to prevent sliding on your seat. Two hip pockets and one waist pocket provide convenient access to small items.

Macna Men’s Silicum Pants Features:

3D Mesh
Knitted 3 dimensional mesh
CE Protection
Protectors adhering to the EN-1621-2 regulations
Short Connection Zippers
A short connection zipper enables you to have a safe and wind tight connection between jacket and pants
Anti-grip Strips
The printed or welded sticky pattern helps keep you in place on your seat
Textile or leather panels at the bottom of the leg which prevent the fabric from melting when touching the exhaust or other heat sources
Side Eye
Laminated reflective parts at the front and back upper parts of the jacket, with the emphasis on the side

Additional features / materials:

  • Kodra, R-tech, 3D mesh materials
  • 2 Hip pockets, one waist pocket
  • Hip pads
  • Long leg zippers for easy entry and exit.

Macna is known for their innovative features, attention to detail, excellent fit, superior comfort, stellar protection, and safety features that stand out from the crowd. Take a look at this video showing features found on many Macna garments:

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Customer Reviews
Review by GreenGargoyle
I have a pair of mid-weight pants that are just too hot for CA summers. These Macna pants are so well ventilated that I don't mind wearing them even when the sun is beating down. The knee protectors are solid and the construction seems high quality. Good stitches and lots of small extra touches like some non-slick material right where you sit. The waist is a big velcro latch which probably isn't super secure in an intense crash but very convenient. There's a nice external pocket on the side of the leg and the overall fit feels good.

The one downside, and the only reason for not giving 5 stars across the board, is that the leg zippers are much too short. It doesn't matter if you are only wearing tennis shoes -you're not getting these pants on without taking your shoes off. Running the zipper just a few inches higher would enable much quicker on/off. (Posted on 7/7/2014)
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