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Mefo Explorer, Dual-Sport, Front 19 inch, Size 100/90-19 or 3.50-19, 50% Street / 50% Dirt, 54T, Tubeless Bias Ply Tire

Mefo Explorer, Dual-Sport, Front 19 inch, Size 100/90-19 or 3.50-19, 50% Street / 50% Dirt, 54T, Tubeless Bias Ply Tire

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The Mefo Explorer is a dual sport tire that provides excellent all-around performance for riders that spend their time riding split equally between the pavement and the dirt. You will experience excellent traction on the black top with this responsive tire in both wet and dry conditions. When hitting the trail enjoy the reliable grip provided by the aggressive large shoulder lugs that bite, even in mud. The bias ply construction increases durability, handles tough off-road conditions and gives you a comfortable ride. Discover how the Mefo Explorer can take your motorcycle adventure to the next level of riding confidence.

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Note: Mefo recommends at least 30.5 PSI in this tire for best performance and wear on motorcycles with an engine displacement of less than 650cc, and at least 35 PSI on motorcycles with an engine displacement of 650cc or greater. 

The Mefo Explorer is thelong distance professional dual-sport tire. Customers have reported to us that a set of Explorers can routinely take about 7,000-9,000 miles of use under the harsh adventure-touring conditions of Alaska. With secure, stable handling on dirt or wet pavement and high mileage performance, the Explorer has excellent all around versatility. Recommended for 50% street and 50% dirt riding. A great tire that will go anywhere and get you home again! DOT-approved.

Read what our customers have to say about these tires:

Had my recent order (Mefo front and rear tires) installed yesterday.

The first to ride my bike was the tech for the test ride as I also had the annual and 6k service completed. Conditions were about 42F, dark, and rainy. He said the tires stuck in corners, maybe a little road noise but nothing bad. He was impressed.

My ride home was at night, in rain, and the temp lowered to 38F by the time I got home from the 135 mile trip. My impression is this is perhaps the best Motorrad tire I have ever encountered. Even being new, I detected no slickness which was astounding considering the rain and temperature.

There is nothing I can say bad about the tires.

-Randy K, 11/19/09

RI to South America on Mefo Explorer tires - A Twisted Throttle interview with MotoAdventureGal

Manufacturer # MED 26
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