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Michelin Pilot Road 5, Sport Touring, Rear 17 Inch, Size 190/50-17, 73W, Tubeless Radial Tire

Michelin Pilot Road 5, Sport Touring, Rear 17 Inch, Size 190/50-17, 73W, Tubeless Radial Tire

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Michelin brought excellent wet-weather performance to the sport-touring world with the Pilot Road 4, and now has taken those advances to the next level with the Pilot Road 5. A completely new tire, the Pilot Road 5 combines a new casting method, called Adaptive Casting Technology, to create a better carcass foundation with innovative new tread patterns with "progressive sipes" for even better water evacuation than the PR4 had. What you get: A more durable sport-touring tire with even better traction in sketchy conditions.

To improve both traction and durability, characteristics usually at odds with each other, Michelin gives the Pilot Road 5 dual-compound rubber on both front and rear sizes. Two compounds allow for a harder, longer-wearing rubber at the contact patch used for straight-line riding and a softer, grippier compound at the edges for more cornering grip. While the front applications have 100% silica compounds, the rears have a combination of silica-based compound down the center (for ideal wet-weather traction) and carbon black-based compounds at the shoulders for ultimate grip.

Available in sizes for the most popular ADV and sport-touring models.


  • 2CT+ dual rubber compounds for durability and sporting grip
  • Improved carcass designs for responsive handling
  • Trapezoidal shaped tread sipes wear evenly and retain water-shedding capabilities even when worn
  • Sizes available for modern sport-touring and large-displacement adventure-touring motorcycles
  • Current front sizes: 120/60-17 and 120/70-17
  • Current rear sizes: 160/60-17, 180/55-17, 190/50-17 and 190/55-17


Manufacturer # 88786
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