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MICRO-START Battery Lead Harness Kit with SAE reducer tip

MICRO-START Battery Lead Harness Kit with SAE reducer tip


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The MICRO-START Harness Kit allows you to easily jump start your vehicle using just the MICRO-START without the need for the clamps, or removing the seat on your motorcycle.

It is a 12" (300mm) harness that connects directly to the battery while the other end can plug directly into the MICRO-START unit. It adds convenience and saves time if you have to jump start your motorcycle. Connect the MICRO-START directly to this harness and jump-start your vehicle. Also included in the kit is an adapter that converts the Micro-Start Harness down to an SAE Connector (Battery Tender type) so you can easily hook up your battery charger and eliminate the standard SAE harness you might have.

Kit Includes:

  • MICRO-START harness (12" long)
  • MICRO-START to SAE reducer (allows for hooking a standard Battery Tender [SAE] type charger to the MICRO-START harness).

A standard Battery Tender type Harness WILL NOT handle jump-starting, the wire gauge is much to thin and will melt the wires.


The MICRO-START is for jump-starting ONLY through the jump start port! NEVER leave the MICRO-START connected to your vehicle's battery or use in place of your vehicle's battery! DO NOT try to charge the MICRO-START from your battery through the jump start port. Severe damage can result!

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Customer Reviews
Review by BrianW
Great to have if your battery is hard to get to. The Micro-Start works great and it's made even better when you don't have to take half the bike apart to get to the battery. It's never at a good time when you need a jump start. This Harness kit takes takes 99% of the aggravation out the experience. I now have them on all our bikes. (Posted on 4/22/2016)
Review by Whatever
Hooked it up and smart charger cannot talk to battery. Called Anti gravity Elijah and couldn't resolve problem. (Posted on 3/23/2015)
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