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Motorcycle Rider Essentials Kit

Motorcycle Rider Essentials Kit

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This collection of motorcycle must-haves will make your riding life safer, more comfortable, and offer delectable conveniences that you’ll hate to ride without. Our experienced motorcycle enthusiasts here at Twisted Throttle have been riding a long time on every kind of road you can imagine and in all weather conditions. We’re suckers for finding motorcycle solutions before the problems even appear, which is how we came to our Motorcycle Rider Essentials Kit - an easy, one-click gift for your riding friends and family. 

Retail value: $192.68

Here's what you get in this kit:

Clear Shot All-In-One Lens Cleaning Kit

Clear Shot is an all-in-one, compact anti-fogging/lens cleaning kit that is perfect for safely cleaning all types of lenses, including goggles, and helmet visors. Designed for easy use without removing your gloves, the included spray bottle and two polishing cloths are stored securely inside a rugged case that is easy to find in your luggage. Color: silver.

NoNoise Motorsport Noise Filter Hearing Protection

Protect your hearing without blocking the sounds you want to hear with the NoNoise Motorsport noise filter hearing protection. Designed specifically for motorcyclists, the Motorsport noise filter hearing protection by NoNoise will help protect your hearing from harmful noise levels while allowing lower level noises such as conversation, sirens and horns to be heard. 

SW-MOTECH Biker Scarf

Not just any old neck scarf, this microfiber tube doubles as a doo rag or a really, really tight tube top. Helps you just say "No" to wet willies, wets down for evaporative cooling in the summer, and keeps the wind out in the winter.

Dynaplug Ultralight Tubeless Tire Repair Kit
Designed for all tubeless tires, the Dynaplug Ultralight kit is compact and light weight. Plus it’s easy to use, simple, and neat because there are no messy glues or solvents used. The kit includes 4 tubeless repair plugs, 1 pipe cleaner, and the insertion tool. Never wait for a tow truck again.

BestRest EZ Air Gauge

With its rugged housing, accurate display and inline reading capabilities, the BestRest EZ Air Tire Gauge helps to keep pressure management a breeze on even the most difficult motorcycle adventure. A 1.5” dial displays up to 100 psi or 7 bar (assuming you do metric) while a bleed valve simplifies accurate pressure settings.

Oxford Underseat Tool Kit

A compact tool kit with carrying case designed to fit under most motorcycle seats. The 28-piece kit includes needlenose pliers; wire snips; hex bit driver handle; Philips (#1, #2, & #3); flathead (3, 4, & 5 mm); Pozidriv (#1, #2 & #3)- and 1/4" drive hex bits; metric sockets (5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11 mm, 1/4" drive); 3" long 1/4" drive extension; Allen wrenches (2, 3, 4, 5, & 6 mm); and mini screwdrivers (Philips #0 and flathead 3mm).

ROK Straps Pack Adjustable Stretch Strap Twin Pack

With a stretch design help to prevent your load from shifting, adjustable length for a multitude of applications, easy to use buckles for quick connections, and loop webbing mounting points, the 5/8”-wide ROK Straps Pack Adjustable Stretch Strap Twin Pack are ideal for securing smaller loads.

Bungie Buddies Motorcycle Tie Downs

Your bungees are only as good as their foundations, so give them some place to grab with the Bungee Buddies Motorcycle Tie Downs. They provide 4 secure mounting points almost anywhere you want.

SW-MOTECH Luggage Security Cable With Combination Lock

This ultra-compact lock slides through compatible zipper pulls and the frame of the bike for straightforward and convenient security. Set your own combination.

Twisted Throttle Sidestand Coasters

Tired of using crushed cans under your sidestand foot? Weary of your bike sinking up the crash bars in soft ground? How about using one of the Twisted Throttle sidestand pucks? Packs easily, shows your friends that you're a power user. Color: yellow with black logo.


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I came here looking for something easy to get my riding beau for Christmas and found this! Great price, jam-packed with stuff he'll actually use and in a cool bag to boot. Awesome! Thanks for making my shopping so much easier! (Posted on 12/8/2016)
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