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MRA Motorcycle Windshield for Ducati SuperSport '17-'19 | SpoilerScreen

MRA Motorcycle Windshield for Ducati SuperSport '17-'19 | SpoilerScreen

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MRA Motorcycle Windshield for Ducati SuperSport '17-'18 | SpoilerScreen-Clear 6
MRA Motorcycle Windshield for Ducati SuperSport '17-'18 | SpoilerScreen-Smoke Grey 3

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The MRA Spoiler Screen is a sport style windscreen that matches the overall shape of the manufacturer windscreen with a small spoiler that makes it slightly longer. What does this mean for you? The spoiler reduces drag and turbulence on the bike and in the cockpit, resulting in a much smoother ride. This spoiler screen windshield is a direct manufacturer replacement—simply remove your stock windscreen and install this one.


  • Direct bolt-on replacement for manufacturer windscreen
  • Similar in shape to the OEM windshield with a flared lip
  • Redirects air up and over the rider to reduce wind noise, buffeting & turbulence
  • Superior optical clarity with no focal points that can melt gauges—see below for more info
  • Virtually unbreakable—but if it does break, it's designed to fail with blunt edges
  • Resistant to most chemicals including alcohol, cleaners, and fuel
  • Enhances comfort & reduces fatigue on longer rides, especially at elevated speeds
  • Designed and engineered in Germany with extensive testing in a wind tunnel & on the Autobahn
  • Constructed from PMMA thermoplastic (acrylic) that's manufactured to MRA's unique specifications—that's right, a secret formula
  • Simple & easy to install without the need for permanent modifications
  • Dimensions: 13.5" length (0.4" taller than the OEM screen) x 11.4" width
  • Available in clear, smoke grey tint or opaque black

What is an optical focal point?

We all know that one kid who would burn ants with a magnifying glass on a sunny day. Now imagine the magnifying glass is your windscreen and your motorcycle instrument cluster is an ant. Ouch, right?

An optical focal point is the point at which light passing through a windshield would converge on--and begin to damage--your motorcycle... unless you're using an MRA windshield! MRA uses CAD technology and testing to ensure every screen is completely free of optical imperfections and focal points. Be careful when shopping for windscreens. Read the fine print and disclaimers to make sure your motorcycle isn't at risk or simply go with the superior choice and install an MRA!

2017-2019 Ducati SuperSport

2017-2019 Ducati SuperSport S

Customer Reviews
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This windshield has a great shape and height, but the mounting is far inferior to the stock windshield that utilizes grommets and proper size bolts. (Posted on 7/9/2018)
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