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Adjustable Windscreens: Best Bang For the Buck

Posted on Jpm8000000pmFri, 21 Aug 2015 14:22:10 +000015 4, 2016 by Brad Zerbel There have been 0 comments

Some riders try out windshield after windshield, but never seem to find the right one. For most of us, one size does not fit all situations. Your wind protection needs can change depending on how fast you’re riding; the direction and strength of crosswinds; whether you’re sitting upright, leaning forward, or standing; and how much ventilation you need to be comfortable on any given day.


Smoke grey X-creen Tour on the Twisted Tiger Explorer.

In addition, most people have different expectations about what a windshield should do, depending on the type of bike and riding they’re accustomed to. Someone who rides a naked bike with no wind protection is used to riding with air against their head and chest, so a small screen that reduces some pressure may be enough. On the other hand, people who ride full dressers and large tourers are generally used to sitting behind a tall shield in a dead pocket of air, so they may prefer complete coverage.


Smoke grey X-creen Tour with bolt-on mounts.

Then there are the folks who choose a windshield to suit one kind of riding, and end up detracting from other needs. For example, some riders put large windshields on dual-sport bikes to make them comfortable on the highway. Then, when they get to a dirt road and they’re standing up on the pegs, they get smacked (usually in the chest) with the top of the shield when the bike hits a bump.


Smoke grey X-creen Sport on Suzuki GSX-R with clamp-on mounts.

All of these factors mean there is no perfect windshield for every situation and every rider. But instead of buying multiple shields to fit different circumstances, you can get just one adjustable screen to suit a variety of needs. We like the MRA X-creen and X-creen Windshield Extensions because they let you try out various configurations to find the right setting.


Clear X-creen Sport with clamp-on mounts.

One key feature of the X-creen is that it moves in two directions. Many two-piece windscreens on the market allow you to move the spoiler up and down, but not forward and back – which means you can’t change the pitch. Changing the pitch of the screen affects airflow direction and turbulence, and any given speed or type of riding will have an ideal pitch and height. For example, on the highway, making the pitch more vertical will push the air over your head. On a hot day, you can make the pitch more horizontal to direct a channel of air directly at the intake vents on your helmet. Dual-sport riders can put an X-creen up to a tall position on the highway for maximum wind protection, then lower it so it stays out of the way for dirt riding – or to increase wind for more ventilation.


Detail of pivots and bolt-on mount.

While MRA X-creens have a bike-specific fit, the X-creen Extensions can be swapped among different motorcycles. There are two versions – the X-creen Sport (comes with clamp-on and bolt-on hardware) is more compact and more visually subtle. It’s great for changing the buffeting and turbulence of airflow, but doesn’t affect the flow direction as much. The X-creen Touring (clamp-on or bolt-on version) changes the direction of air, and is better at pushing air higher to go over your helmet.


Detail of clamp-on mount. Completely removable, no drilling and no modifications to your stock windscreen.

Adjusting the MRA screens is easy: just get off your bike, face the front, turn the four hinge locks 90 degrees, make the adjustment you want, then turn the locks 90 degrees back to secure the screen. It takes about 30 seconds. A few small changes can make a big difference in your comfort – and with the X-creen, you only need one windshield for all kinds of riding situations.


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