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Chill Out with the Right Cooling Vest

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Keeping yourself cool on hot days is challenging enough – add in controlling your motorcycle or navigating unknown roads, and you may find yourself pushing your limits. Sweat is your body's built-in cooling system, but when sweat doesn't lower your core temperature enough, you're at risk for heat exhaustion and heat stroke.


Cooling vests help cool you off from your body core out. This is the method used by professional athletes and people who work in extreme conditions. There are three main types of cooling vests for motorcycling; the type you choose depends on how you weigh ease of use versus performance.

 Three soak vests

Type 1: Traditional soak-in-the-sink vest.

How it works: Evaporative cooling. Get it wet, put it on, and it acts like a damp towel.

Advantages: Easy to use, fast to recharge, least expensive.

Disadvantages: You soak yourself, and you’re a little swampy all day. You also have to recharge the vest often because the water evaporates quickly.

Best for: Extremely aggressive riding (like motocross), where you’re just pouring sweat.


Type 2: Internal-moisture vest (Macna Cooling Vest).

How it works: Evaporative cooling. Fill it with water to soak the internal material, and the water evaporates through the outer membrane.

Advantages: Your skin stays dry, and it only needs to be recharged about once per day.

Disadvantages: Slightly more work to use than the traditional vest.

Best for: Medium- to long-distance rides without heavy physical exertion.


Type 3: Liquid-cooled vests.

How it works: Conductive cooling. Tubes of cooling liquid run through the vest, connected to a small refrigerator, to cool your body to a specific temperature.

Advantages: Best cooling performance.

Disadvantages: Most complicated and least user-friendly. Often costs more than $1,000 and requires hooking yourself up to two quick-release hydraulic tubes every time you get on or off the bike. The compressor usually takes up as much space as a top case.

Best for: Hard-core Iron Butt riders. For most of us mere mortals, it’s overkill.


The internal-moisture vest is a relatively recent addition to the motorcycle world. A few years ago, Twisted Throttle founder Erik Stephens discovered a version used in the construction industry, and worked with Macna to adapt the idea for motorcycling. Unlike cooling vests designed for other activities, this one is cut for the riding position: shorter in front and longer in back, so it doesn’t bunch up in the riding position. The vest also incorporates Spandex for fit adjustability without additional hardware (like straps). In addition, placing the water valve mid-chest keeps it out of the way of most hard parts in a jacket. Lastly, Macna punched holes throughout the surface of the vest to create air pass-throughs, offering better evaporation.


We believe the Macna Cooling Vest strikes a good balance between ease of use and performance, with characteristics that are well suited for long-distance and adventure riding. Collectively, we’ve put thousands of miles on our cooling vests, and we’re hooked! Check out product details and the video. Our friendly customer service reps are only a call or email away if you have any questions about this cool Macna product.

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