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Cool Gear for HOT Weather

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Cool Gear for Hot Weather

Looking at the national weather map and all we can see is HOT, HOT, HOT. What’s a rider to do? Being too hot can lead to all sorts of problems, including hyperthermia (getting overheated), dehydration and distractions, all of which cause a safety concern and can ruin a good time.

Before you thumb the starter for your next hot weather ride, understand that wearing protective gear is just as important in hot weather as in cool weather, crashes can happen at any time. Too many riders choose to leave their riding gear at home because it is counter-intuitive to zip on a riding jacket and pants when the thermometer is flirting with 80 or 90 degrees.

There are lots of ways to stay cool while being protected, including wearing a vented helmet, as well as mesh or vented jacket, pants, and gloves. The right gear can keep you both comfortable and protected when riding in hot weather. Check out the warm weather riding gear listed below.

It's also smart to wear high-tech undergarments that are designed for hot weather and wick away moisture. Moisture-wicking underwear is key for preventing heat-related problems when seated for long periods on a hot seat. Try to park in the shade when taking breaks so that your seat does not become blistering while sitting in the sun. 

Speaking of breaks, it is critical that you find a place with air conditioning or shade to keep your body temperature from getting too high. Drink, drink, drink. If you aren't peeing, you aren't drinking enough! Dehydration will sneak up on you and cause all sorts of problems, both physical and mental. A lot of veteran long distance riders discovered the value of a hydration pack. The best type of hydration system to consider for hot weather is one with an insulated water bladder. Put ice in the bladder so the water will stay cold longer. You can then sip cool water all day long.

To help prevent overheating, consider wrapping something wet around your neck to keep your carotid arteries cool. This can be either a wet bandana or a product specifically designed to hold water.

Check out these products from Twisted Throttle that can help you remain comfortable and protected even if the temps are high.

Macna Dry Cooling Vest- NEW!

Macna Cooling Vest

Macna's new Dry Cooling Vest is designed to keep you cool AND dry during hot weather. The process is simple - fill the vest with 500ml of tap water, wear it over a synthetic base layer, and prepare to be like Fonzie - COOL!

Macna Summer Chili Mesh Motorcycle Jacket

Macna Chili jacket

The Macna Chili Men's Motorcycle Jacket for men is a warm weather/summer riding jacket. Macna's Chili motorcycle jacket consists of a combination of abrasion-resistant Nylon in the impact zones with a 3-D mesh to increase the flow of air through the jacket.

The Macna Chili motorcycle jacket offers the protection of a true riding jacket on those days when heat is an issue. The 3-D mesh keeps the jacket off of the body and allows air to flow through as if you were not wearing motorcycle gear at all. This short jacket features a lengthened back panel that ensures complete coverage even when in riding position. Also featured are a connection zipper for attaching pants and arm and waist straps for a custom fit.

The Chili jacket is a perfect match to the Men's Silicum Pants.

Macna Summer Silicum Motorcycle Pant

Macna SIlicum Pants

Macna Silicum motorcycle mesh pants for men provide warm weather/summer comfort and protection. Macna's Silicum pants are made from a combination of abrasion-resistant cordura in the impact zones with a 3-D mesh to increase the flow of air through the pants. The Silicum also has abrasion-resistant nylon panels, adjustable CE knee protection, and hip pads to help minimize injury in the event of a fall.

The styling and color of the Silicum pants match the Chili jacket for a sharp looking vented suit.


Macna Morene Summer Motorcycle Glove

Macna Morene

Macna's Morene summer motorcycle glove for men features soft goatskin leather in the palm and inside of the fingers, Nubuck leather in the palm and wrist, and Spandex fabric in the top of the fingers and hand for warm weather comfort. The Morene would also make a good off-road glove.


Macna Scalpel Summer Motorcycle Glove

Macna Scalpal

Macna's Scalpel summer motorcycle glove for men is a sporty glove that will keep you looking and feeling cool. The Scalpel features soft goatskin leather with perforations in the fingers, base of the thumb, and top of the hand for warm weather comfort.


Macna Summer Men's Equator Motorcycle Glove

Macna Equator

Macna's Equator summer motorcycle glove for men features soft, goatskin leather and mesh panels in the wrist, fingers and top of the hand for warm weather comfort.


Macna Summer Women's Lane Motorcycle Glove

Macna Lane

Macna's Lane motorcycle glove for women is a full-coverage summer glove made from soft goat leather. The Macna Lane motorcycle glove provides comfort in warm temperatures. The Lane glove features soft goat leather and a mesh liner. The Lane motorcycle glove comes with temper foam knuckle protection and a gauntlet to protect the wrist and to keep wind and water out.

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