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Honda CB250 Nighthawk with Stebel Nautilus Air Horn

Posted on Jam11000000amThu, 16 Nov 2006 04:30:09 +000006 4, 2016 by TwistedThrottle.com There have been 0 comments

Here we have an installation article mounting the Stebel Air horn to a CB250 Nighthawk.
First, a few facts: My name is Janice Clanfield and I live in Toronto, Canada. I’m a 54 year old biker girl who’s been riding from the tender age of 12. That’s right, a girl. A girl with a LOUD, LOUD horn on her bike. You will love this horn. No, you will -worship- this horn. Anyway fellas, if a 54 year old biker chick can install one of these, you damn well ought to be able to as well. If not, perhaps you should consider getting a car instead.

The installation was really quite easy, so let’s get to it!

First, I removed the seat, the side covers, and the gas tank. Really easy so far…

Second, I drilled a hole through the frame stiffener behind the front wheel. When you drill, don’t drill too close to the frame, or you won’t be able to get a wrench onto the bolt head. Trust me on this one…

Follow the rest of the photos below, and you'll be all done. Now that was easy, wasn't it?

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