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Learn to speak German (a.k.a. "help installing German motorcycle accessories")

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Some of our German suppliers have not yet translated all of their motorcycle accessory installation instructions into English, this article should help.

If the installation instructions are on our website in a PDF file, try copying and pasting the text into Google's Language Translation Tool.

It won't give you a perfect translation, but it will give you an idea of what the Germans are trying to say!

A few notes on measurements

Screw dimensions:

Screw dimensions are usually given as 'diameter' x 'thread pitch' x 'shaft length' in millimeters. For example, M10 x 1,25 x 100mm usually means "10mm diameter, 1.25 thread pitch, 100mm long screw". Remember that the screw shaft length mesurement excludes the height of the screw head.

Spacer dimensions:

Spacer dimensions are usually given as 'Da/outer diameter' x 'Di/inner diameter' x 'h/height', in millimeters. For example, 18 x 10 x 20mm usually means "18mm outer diameter, 10mm inner diameter, 10mm height".

Metric conversions:

1 inch = 25.4 mm = 2.54 cm

To convert a measurement in mm to inches, divide by 25.4. For example:

(34 mm) / (25.4 mm per inch) = 1.34 inches

Part name translations

ab = beginning (i.e., "ab 98" = beginning in the 1998 model year)

aludistanzen = aluminum spacer

anzahl = quantity

auch = also

befestigung des versteifungsbuegels = attachment of the reinforcement handle (or crossbar)

befestigung oben = top attachment point

befestigung unten = bottom attachment point

bezeichnung = part name

bieten = offer

bis = until (i.e., "bis 97" means "until in the 1997 model year").

Bj. = including (abbreviation). For example, "Bj. 1996" means "including 1996 model year".

blinker = blinker (turn signal)

bohrung / bohrungen = boring (or hole)

buchse = bushing (a.k.a. "spacer")

buegel = bar or handle

chrom = chrome

danach = afterwards

den = that

distanzbuchse = spacer (literally, "distance bushing")

distanzen = spacer

durch = through

farben = color

flanschkopfsschrauben = flange head screw (lens head screw)

flachsicherung = fuse

folgendes = the following

fur = for

geeignet = been suitable

gelb = yellow

gepackbrucke = rear top luggage carrier

grundplatte = baseplate

hiermit = hereby

hinten = "in the back" or "behind"

hinweis = reference

inbusschrauben = socket-head cap screws

innen = inner

isolierschlauch = insulating wire tube

kabelbinder = wire zip tie

karosserie scheiben = thick washers (often referring to relatively flat spacers)

koffer = side luggage case

koffertraeger / koffertraegern = sidecase rack / saddlebag rack

kotfluegel = fender

kunststoffkappen = plastic caps

linker / links = left

mit = with

mitte = in the middle of

montage = assembly

montagehinweise = assembling instructions

motorschutzbugel = crashbars (motor protection bars)

mutter = nut

Mutter selbstsichernd = self-locking nut

nach = after

nicht = not

nur = only

ohne = without

original = original (usually referring to a part that was originally on your bike and is being reused to install the new accessory).

originalschraube = original screw (a screw that was originally on your bike and is being reused to install a new accessory).

paarweise = pair-wise (sold or included in pairs)

quetschverbinder = crimp connector

recht = right

scheibe / scheiben = washer / washers (literally translates as "disk"

schnell = quick

schnellverschluss = quick-locking mechanism

schraube / schrauben = screw / screws

schwarz = black

sechskantschraube = hexagon head screw (the kind of screw you would turn with a socket set or crescent wrench)

selbstsichernde Muttern = self-locking nuts (often nylon locking nuts)

seite = side (i.e., left side or right side)

silber = silver

sprengringe = split lockwasher (literally, "circle clips")

stecken = put

stuck = each (or literally, "piece"). Sold or included "each", not in pairs.

tank = tank

tasche = bag

tauglich = suited or compatible (i.e., nicht tauglich = not suited or not compatible)

U-scheibe / U-scheiben = flat washer

uber = over

und = and

unter = under

Unterlegscheibe = flat washer (literally, "under-put-disk"

verbind./verbindung = connection or combination (i.e., "nur in verbind. mit..." = "only fits in combination with...")

verlaengerung / verlaengerungen = extension

verschrauben = bolt (or screw)

verschraubung = screwed joint or coupling

versteifungsbuegel = reinforcement handle

von = from (for example, "von linker seite" = from left side"

vorne = "in front of" or "front"

weiss = white

wir = we

zu = to

zubehor = accessories

zusaetzlich = additionally

zylinderschraube mit innensechskant = hexagon socket screw (the kind you turn with an Allen wrench)


(1) German:

"Nach der Montage alle verschraubungen auf festen sitz kontrollieren. Bitte beachten Sie unsere separaten Service-Hinweise!"

What they're really trying to say in English:

"After loosely assembling the product, tighten all screw connections. All replacement screws should be tightened to the motorcycle manufacturer's torque specifications for the original screws; these can be found in your motorcycle's maintenance manual."

Although they don't specifically say it, we recommend that medium-strength liquid threadlocker be used on all M6 to M12 screw connections.

(2) German:

"Achtung: Wichtiger Hinweis: Zuerst linke Seite komplett montierten, dann rechte Seite. Andernfalls kann sich der Motor absenken!"

What they're really trying to say in English:

"First completely install the left side. Then install the right side. Lastly, install the crossbar."

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