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Macna Riding gear for Women

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Who says there isn’t any motorcycle riding gear designed specifically for women?

It’s true that not long ago it was difficult for women to find riding gear that fit well and provided decent protection. Most women resorted to wearing lightweight fashion leather clothing that provided little protection. Women who wanted more protection were stuck wearing small-sized men’s gear. But, that rarely worked very well; men’s jackets are too wide in the shoulders; pants are too long with no hip room; gloves and boots were too wide. What was a woman rider to do? 

Thankfully, over the last several years, many manufacturers of motorcycle apparel have started included women-specific jackets, pants, boots and gloves in their lineup. Twisted Throttle recently became the exclusive distributor of Macna motorcycle riding gear. It was only after months of real-world testing in places like Iceland, Alaska and the hot, humid Northeastern U.S. that founder Erik Stephens decided that Macna gear deserved a place in the Twisted Throttle catalog. It is important to Erik to have a range of high-quality jackets, pants, and gloves specifically designed for women with all of the comfort, style and protection that women are looking for and Macna certainly fits the bill. 

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Jane Phair, Twisted Throttle’s sportbike and cruiser-riding controller says, “Quality gear, such as Macna, takes women motorcyclists seriously. The features and functionality are of the highest quality provided to both men and women and have many features that offer the most versatility, fit, comfort and protection”. Jane is a role model for many women motorcyclists as a certified MSF instructor and Control Rider for Tony’s Track Days where she teaches both men and women about all aspects of riding skill and safety.

Julie Infurna, one of Twisted Throttle’s many loyal female customers, says “As a woman rider (yes I am happy to classify myself that way), my wants are really no different than my male counterparts...nice design; high quality; feature-packed and purposeful; the best protection available; and feminine without being overly so (sorry no need for pink to define us as a females!). When these points come together, I feel as if I am simply just another rider on the road!” 

Julie is wearing the Macna Lunar women’s jacket and Onyx 2 women’s pants. 

Learn more about Macna women’s jackets, pants, and gloves by clicking on the links below each photo: 

Macna Lunar Jacket for Women

Macna Lily Jacket for Women

Women's Lily motorcycle jacket

Women's Lunar motorcycle jacket

Macna Onyx 2 pants for Women

Macna Gloves for Women

Women's Onyx 2 motorcycle pants

Macna motorcycle gloves

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