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Staff Picks 2014

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The Twisted Staff are avid motorcycle riders who are quite particular when it comes to the gear they wear and products they use. Take a look at the favorite products the staff picked this year.

Jeannine- Web Content



DrySpec D28 Drybag

Highly versatile across all riding styles, including dirt, adventure and sport riding. I use the D28 on my KLX250S, ZX6R and the MotoQuest KLR650. The bag fits my 13-inch laptop and case perfectly and I know it's going to be dry. Same goes with my camera: I have crossed 3 foot deep Alaskan rivers (and took a swim, no less) and didn't give a second thought to my camera's safety in the drybag.


Macna Night Eye Geo2 and Bedoine Pant

Very comfortable and versatile for different weather conditions. I have ridden in TONS of rain (and some snow) and was always dry and warm down to about 34 degrees, even without electrics. I KNOW I'm visible when I am ride in the dark, since the whole suit glows. I used this outfit on a 2500-mile sport-touring trip on my ZX6R through the Blue Ridge Parkway and a week in Alaska riding everyday in a lot of 40 degree rainy weather and I was always comfortable. The outer shell needs time to dry before using again, although my body was never wet underneath the waterproof liner.

See all Night Eye clothing by Macna!


Engage Quick-Lock Tankbag

Perfect size and shape for my ZX6R tank, I've also used it on an R6. Perfect for keeping my wallet, keys, sunglasses, phone and other odds and ends secure and handy. Great quick-lock system, easy on easy off. No wrestling to get at gas cap.

Jack from IT also picked the Engage: EVO Quick lock tank bags lock into place with no need to mess with straps or magnets. The bag does not actually sit on the tank, which is great because it does not scratch my tank. It can also be accessorized with other bags connection items.


Arai XD4, Frost Black 

I bought this helmet for my trip to Alaska. The fit is perfect and it has great venting. No problem wearing this lid for long days at 80 mph. It is quiet for a dual sport helmet. I love that I can wear goggles under the visor, on really cold days I use them in addition to the shield to protect my eyes from the cold wind. It also allows me to flip up my visor when I go off-road where my visor would fog, but I can still have my eyes protected.


Sidi Women's Vertigo Lei 

I use these boots for track days. They fit my narrow feet great, although I put an additional sole insert to fit more snugly. It took a few days to break in, but after a few days of walking and riding in them I no longer had any problems. Favorite features: adjustable calf piece to tighten down and foot vent! Sometimes I have trouble with how thin the sole is, it seems to be a blessing and a curse, I have great feel but it can start to hurt when digging my feet into the end of hard rearsets for long periods of time. Luckily Sidi boots can be re-soled with a thicker sole when these wear out!

Ken- Web Content


SW-MOTECH EVO Quick-Lock tankbag/tankring system 

After years struggling with awkward straps and heavy magnets, I finally discovered the beauty of the Quick-Lock system. It's easy to remove and replace my bag when fueling and when using the same tankbag on both of my bikes. 


Macna Geo Jacket 

The fit and style of the Geo is modern and comfortable with great protection from both rain and asphalt . And the hidden mesh panel is a great feature for warm days.

Also recommended by Nick from Accounting! -

I own three riding jackets. I lightweight mesh, a medium weight leather and the heavy weight GEO. The GEO is by far the most versatile of them and my preferred choice for a chilly morning ride that will likely warm up later. Although not the top choice on a 90 degree day, the fact I can zip out the quilted liner and stuff it into my Slipstream is an enormous benefit.


SW-MOTECH Frame Sliders 

With two mounting points, these nice looking and sturdy sliders are superior to most single mount designs.


R&G Engine Case Covers 

Good protection for expensive case covers (ask me how I know) and installation couldn't be easier. Simply loosen a few bolts and fit these tough polyethylene covers over your existing stock covers.

David P- Purchasing


AdventurePOCKETS Windshield Mounted Storage Bag 

Having a weather-resistant bag tucked underneath my heavily modified dakar-style windscreen makes reaching for my Sat-Nav charger, side-stand puck, EZ-Pass, ear-plugs or anything else I may need easy. And with the hook and loop attachment pads, I can easily swap the pouch between bikes.


AdventurePOCKETS - TOPCASE Organizer Bag

The TOPCASE NET lets me keep the items I need regularly, if not frequently, organized and easily accessible in the lid of my Top Case. The netting allows me to see what I'm looking for; be it my face-shield cleaning kit, multi-tool, maps or just my in-flight meal I packed for the side of that country road. It's strong and doesn't sag.


R&G Heated Grips

I commute all winter on my KLR and being able to adjust between 5 levels of heat output with the touch of a single button keeps my hands at just the right temperature. Being able to feel my fingers and retain manual dexterity also makes me feel more confident controlling my bike. I can feel my levers even when it's 24-degrees outside.


RAM Universal Spring Loaded Cell Phone Cradle Holder

The cradle is solid and robust and can easily fit my last 3 smart-phones.  And it is easy to make fine-adjustments to accommodate my aftermarket phone armor. I prefer the sound of the engine to Bluetooth communication, but it's handy to see if you've missed a call from your boss who may be wondering why you're not at work on this beautiful riding day. Gives me a chance to come up with a good story before I return the call. :)


Macna Polartic Waterproof Cold Weather Motorcycle Glove

So many cold-season riding gloves feel bulky and clumsy....like riding in ski-gloves. The MACNA Polartic feels molded to my hand and dexterous. I can easily reach for my levers and use my controls without sacrificing warmth, protection or feel. A must for long-distance riding in the colder months!

Nick- Accounting


Bags-Connection Slipstream Tail Bag

I prefer not to use saddlebags or sidecases and the slipstream bag fits perfect on the back of my Bandit. The Slipstream allows me to carry several small items such as a spare helmet visor, lunch sack and rain liner for my riding pants. It quickly unsnaps from my bike so I can carry it using the shoulder strap. 

Jack- IT

 The slipstream is one of the handiest bags to have around. You can pack a lot in this little guy. It also has a bungee system on top for mounting whatever you can't fit inside the bag. The Slipstream is easy to strap onto your rear seat or rack. Styled to be streamlined with a any bike, but especially sporty bikes. Very secure when mounted.


Interphone F5 Bluetooth Communicators

I can't ride without my jams. I like to listen to music when I'm doing anything and everything. Riding included. I also find bike-to-bike communication extremely valuable when riding with my friends who were able to instruct me and teach my riding tips when I was new to riding. Now we use it for choosing a route on the fly and notifying others of hazards or interesting sights.

Kevin- Marketing 

Until I used the Interphone I found motorcycle communicators to be bulky, hard to use, hard to hear and impossible to connect to devices and users. They also have cryptic menu systems. The Interphone F5XT is a contrast to all of the devices I have used in the past and has become a daily use item.


SW-Motech Handlebar Risers

It's not often you even think of risers. If you need them, you put them on and forget they are there. However, thinking of things I have added to my bike, this was the most effective modification I made to increase my riding comfort. I used to have a slightly sore back after riding for only an hour but now I can ride most of a day and still be comfortable.

Brad- Design


Heidenau K60 Scout Tires 

Tires; the second best thing you can buy for your bike. Let's face it, we can't be off-road all the time and the K60s are a great compromise between full knobbies and street tires for big adventure bikes. I feel confident with them for every surface except mud (and probably sand). 

Kevin- Marketing


Denali Micro LED Lights

When choosing a LED light I wanted something that made me more conspicuous during the day. I commute regularly and have had many, many close calls. Since adding these lights I have had fewer people try to kill me. Another bonus is increased visibility when riding at night a these supplement my already good Yamaha FZ1 high beam.

 Jack- IT


Tapp USB Power Port

This port is one of the more handy accessories I have on my bike. Since recently switching to a phone that does not have an easily replaceable battery, this USB port has been my source for charging my phone. I opted for the 2.1 amp model because some of my electronics (including my newest phone) need a bit more juice to effectively charge. I also chose the direct-to-battery connection. But it also comes in mini 12v socket style like some BMWs have. Pros over other units: the Tapp is designed with motorcycles in mind. It comes with an easy handlebar mount. On a naked or cruiser style motorcycle this is key because it is pretty discreet and makes it easy to install. The unit comes with a pretty tight sealing lid that is sturdy and durable.


Denali D2 LED Auxiliary Lights

My Street Triple headlights do a pretty good job lighting the distance but I get paranoid when changing lanes as it is difficult to see if their might be some debris in the lane I want to change to. The Denali lights illuminate everything in sight. A great addition to safety as well as making you much more visible to others.

-Comes with easy to install harness

-Illuminates very well for such small lights

-Discreetly mountable.

Jenny- Marketing These are the most versatile lights we carry, and the combination of the size, features, and price make the D2s a great choice as a "do it all" light. I run one flood lens and one spot lens, giving me the best of both worlds.


Ram Mount with X-Grip

The RAM setup works well with my Tapp USB Port. It allows me to mount my electronic devices easily and close to my charging port on the handle bars. Pros: -The variety of configurations and accessories you can do with Ram mounts is almost limitless. Having a Ram ball on my bike makes me feel like I am ready to mount anything to my bike if I need it from GPS units, phones and cameras. The variety of options of installing a ram mount is only limited by your imagination. Cons: I can't think of one. I guess the mounted ball is semi-permanent but it can be mounted pretty discretely in most cases. 

 Jenny- Marketing


MRA X-creen Add-on Spoiler Blade

Comfort-wise, this was one of the two most important upgrades I did to my KLR (the other being a custom seat). I chose the X-screen add-on blade as opposed to one larger screen because I wanted the versatility of being able to fold it down out of the way when I'm riding off-road. On-road it's a godsend. I can angle the blade to send air directly into the vents on my helmet!

Ernie- Web Content I like to ride without the bobble head effect. The MRA X-Creen Tour clamp on windshield extension redirects and conditions the wind coming off my stock windscreen.


DrySpec D38 Dry Bag

I use this bag to hold all my camping stuff: tent, sleeping pad, sleeping bag, headlamp, stove. I pack like a backpacker so this is totally feasible. I like it because it organizes all the stuff I'll need right off the bat when I stop to make camp, and of course it's totally waterproof, which is key for your sleeping pad and bag.

  Ernie- Web Content


SW-MOTECH Crashbars

I am not bashful about the type of terrain I ride my motorcycle across. This means my bike spends a bit of time laying down on the job. With the SW-MOTECH crashbars I have the insurance that my trip will not be cut short by a crushed radiator or splayed body panels.


SW-MOTECH Sidecarriers

I prefer to travel with all my supplies on a motorcycle trip. The SW-MOTECH quick lock side carriers ensure that my gear stays with me even if my bike does not stay upright. The quick feature enables the sideracks to be removed for cleaning, maintenance or a lightweight trip around town.


Pelican Storm Side Cases

I do not always ride with hard luggage, but when I do I choose the Pelican Storm side cases. They keep my gear dry and protected from water crossings, deluges, sharp objects or whatever my trip has in store. 



The GARMIN Montana has really opened up my navigational options. I can import and read large gpx files to retrace long trips and the ability to navigate by tracks is indispensable.

  Erik- Mr. Twisted


SW-MOTECH Mirror Wideners

Mirror wideners are my first thing I put on every bike. I hate seeing my shoulders instead of looking around them.

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