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Top 10 Reasons to Love a Motorcyclist

Posted on Jam2000000amFri, 12 Feb 2016 11:00:25 +000016 4, 2016 by Angelica Patalano There have been 0 comments




Valentine Wheelie Kiss

Riding a motorcycle combines some of the best things in life. It’s intimate, beautiful, and exciting, with a little danger sprinkled on top. This Valentine’s Day, we’re celebrating our fellow riders and the ones who dare to love them. If you’re in a relationship with a motorcyclist, we promise it will never be boring! Here are our top 10 reasons why being with a motorcyclist is the best:

1. All you need for a fun and romantic date is a beautiful road and a good place to eat.

2. If it’s the first time our date has ever been on a bike, it’s guaranteed to be something they will never forget.

4. When the going gets tough, motorcyclists get going. We’ll be there when you need us.

Motorcycle couple putting on helmet5. We’re good at budgeting. It’s how we save up for the important things in life, like auxiliary lights or a new helmet. And, of course, a smokin’ jacket for you.

6. Motorcyclists have a great sense of adventure! You’ll be sure to discover new places and new experiences.

7. There is only room for two of us on a bike. No in-laws, no annoying friends, and no weird uncles can come along for the ride.

8. We appreciate the little things: mist rising over a lake, a freshly paved road, a wave from a kid in a nearby car. You can make our day with the simplest of gestures.

BMW and Suzuki motorcycles side by side

 9. Being a motorcyclist takes dedication and commitment. That kind of loyalty translates into other areas of life.

10. Tight. Leather. Pants.

Bonus dating tip: Motorcyclists are already happy and enjoying life, so whatever you bring to the table is pure bonus.


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