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Tour of a Lifetime- One bike one woman!- Updated 6/29

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Madeline Velazquez from missrider.com is heading out on an epic adventure that anyone would envy.

In 2011, Madeleine finished a 5,944 mile solo ride across the United States and is now embarking on another, even more challenging adventure. 

Madeleine will be leaving on Saturday, June 23, 2012 for what can only be described as a modern odyssey. She will be visiting 9 countries, including Canada, 11 of the United States, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Costa Rica and Panama. That adds up to 15,000 miles or 24,140.16 kilometers. Her bike of choice? A 2009 Triumph Bonneville SE. 

From Madeleine's blog

"Since my solo ride did not quench my deep thirst for riding extreme distances, this year I plan to ride my motorcycle to Panama. This time, I will not ride alone to Panama. I will ride 1000 miles to Chicago Illinois from Worcester, Massachusetts alone to meet a few of my Latin American Motorcycle Association Harlistas riders who will accompany me to Panama. I should arrive back in Chicago 28 days later to launch another incredible ride to Sturgis South Dakota with an amazing group, Sisters 4LGBTQ Community Inc. " 

We will keep you posted on Madeleine's progress right here as she sends us updates and photos. Stay Tuned! 



6/27/12 UPDATE: 

Madeleine made it to Toronto and sent us a couple of photos. 



Madeleine then rode 550 miles through Ontario to the border town of Sarnia. 



Apparently, Madeleine had an encounter with gravity on her way to Sarnia. 

Here is her description of her tip over: 

"Okay, details on the little mishap . Thank goodness for some amazing men that ran to help a damsel in distress. After about an hour waiting on the border in the heat with full gear, I thought I put my kickstand down before riding into show my papers and boy was that bike heavy! We had just travelled around 300 miles. You know how that goes, waiting in line on your bike for about an hour, put kickstand down, wait five minutes, kickstand up, move 5 feet, kickstand down, move another 5 feet and on and on and on..... totally insane, lesson learned because I will have to pass through another 16 or so border crossings round trip.... no harm done to bike or me, just a little ego loss, lol." 

These things happen... 

Next up, Chicago. 


6/29/12 UPDATE: 

Madeleine sent us some more photos from the Chicago Navy Pier and Wisconsin. 



Madeleine says: 

"We leave Chicago to head down to the Panama Canal on July 4th. First run will be a 700 mile ride to Texas (ouch!!)." 

Madeleine will keep us posted as WiFi allows. Good luck, M. Have fun! 


7/25/12 UPDATE: 

Madeleine sent us a photo from Guatemala! 


Madeleine reports to us a day out from Panama. Aside from some food poisoning and a mishap involving a fellow rider in Mexico and some difficult border crossings, Madeleine is enjoying her adventure. Internet service is spotty, but we'll keep you posted as she sends more reports. 


8/5/12 UPDATE: 

Madeleine reported from the Panama canal: "Such a beautiful place. Panama is by far one the best country in central America. Got stopped by the police while in Panama, as there are police everywhere controlling speed. They stop you and in order for them to release you, American cash must be provided. Our guide paid the money and told him how ugly his bike was and the guy let us go; really funny stuff." 

Madeleine heading back north into Costa Rica where they rode about 450 miles in rain for 12 hours. "A bug went in my eye that they call those “bichos” as they urinate once they strike. So, the bug urinated in my eye and blinded me while I was riding in the dark. Very painful." 

Madeleine tipped over in a parking lot full of rocks. Thankfully, there are always eager men to help. Apparently, she found it rather funny (see photo). 


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