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Valentine’s Day - The Cold Math of Saying it with Safety

Posted on Jpm2000000pmThu, 14 Feb 2013 13:11:25 +000013 4, 2016 by TwistedThrottle.com There have been 0 comments

Guys, you know who you are, you’re tricked out to the nines in the latest leathers or adventure garb. Meanwhile your long suffering pillion significant other is stuck on the back of the bike in 15 year old hand-me-down textiles so sun faded the only color left is cancerous.  No wonder the other half only rides with you three times a year, can you blame them?

Proper gear is comfortable across a variety of weather conditions, and more importantly safe.  It also says you care, in a mathematically amortized sort of way.  

Here at Twisted Throttle a three season set of gear for her, consists of:

Totals out to $749.99. 

Before you face-palm, OMG and spew coffee out at that price point, some light math.  Break that out over 5 rides a season, and that’s $149.99 Washington’s a ride.  You and the “one you care about enough to keep safe”, are going to get multiple seasons out of the gear though, since, and this is a proven fact, relationships last longer when they don’t involve road rash and compound fractures.  So, 5 years of use and you’re sitting at 29.99 a ride, plus every ride you get to say something treacle like, “Remember how I loved you enough to keep you safe?”

Indeed, this logic works even if your significant other has their own bike.  Just think of the relationship bonus points.

Plus, for the cynical, if the relationship doesn’t work out, keep the gear.  Hopefully, you can date someone the same size next, and amortize the cost a little more. Now, if you’re choosy about infidelity, then the math could really work in your favor…

Now ladies, and possibly laddies - we’re open minded, you’re not off the hook here.  Next time Mr. Gym-bunny-Gixxer-licious tat’ed up stud muffin is heading out the door to ride with the bro’s in his tanktop and pumas, you are risking all that coming back as so much beautifully tattooed and workout sculpted multicolor hamburger.  Really, getting him into some gear is just protecting your investment.  Sadly, the Twisted folks only offer marlboro man, ultra-safe, highly visible side-eye equipped, keep him warm and dry 3-season, Macna adventure style gear - so if you’re out to kit him up in some super-sexy, Dainese leathers, you’ll need to go elsewhere.  And, if he is going on the back of your bike, then keep in mind there is nothing whinier than a wounded weekend warrior.

In the end it’s really about keeping your better half safe, being able to remind them of it every freaking time they get on a bike and keeping your investment in the relationship safe.

- Neil Johnston, for TwistedThrottle.com

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