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Victory Vegas Jackpot (2005-2007) Stebel Air Horn Installation

Posted on Jpm4000000pmTue, 20 Apr 2010 18:02:27 +000010 4, 2016 by TwistedThrottle.com There have been 0 comments

Here we an article showing the installation of a Stebel Air horn on a Victory Vegas Jackpot.

(On 2008 and newer Victory Vegas models, the oil cooler has been moved and this installation area is not available.)

1) I researched this horn for days and every single photo that I saw it was always mounted on the same spot. On the left side of the Bike frame. I am very picky when it come to my bike and I knew that I had to find a better place. The only problem with the Nautilus horn is that you have to mount it almost straight up. I believe that the instructions allow a 15 degree tilt.

2) With this in mind I decided to mount it on the front of the bike between the exhaust and the left frame.

4) Remove the seats and disconnect the battery.

5) Next, I removed the old OEM horn and move the wires towards the back (Under the seat). I was not able to move the wires all the way to the relay location because the wires were under the fuel tank. I just didn't have the correct Allen wrench to remove one bolt from the fuel tank and lift it a bit to move the wires. Instead I just extended the OEM wires (Same GA) to reach the relay. Next you need to run two wires (Pos and Neg) to the new Horn. On my bike I ran wires from the relay (Under the fuel Tank) to the location of the new horn. Remember that you need 14 GA wires. The new horn need allot of juice to operate.

6) I mounted the relay on a bold on the right side of the bike, just below the seat bolt bracket. You need to make the relay hole bigger with a drill bit. I am sure that I don't have to explain how to do that.

Make sure the relay terminals are facing the front of the bike.

7) I placed the fuse holder under the seat and secured with cable ties.

9) After I completed the project I realized that I am going to have to removed the seat If I ever have to replace the fuse. With this in mind, tomorrow I will relocate the fuse holder to the right side of the frame, behind the relays box. This is easily accessible on my type of bike by removing the side cover.

10) Take the 14GA (NEG) new Horn wire and connected to inner frame just behind the battery box.

11) I am usually pretty good with electrical projects but I found the included instructions a bit confusing so I made a new diagram that I believe is easier to follow. Here it is...

It is simple to follow.

1) Connect the New Horn (Neg. -) to the inner frame.

2) Connect the New Horn (Pos. +) to the # 30 relay terminal.

3) Connect one end of the fuse holder to the batter (Pos. +) terminal and the other to the # 87 relay terminal.

4) Connect the OEM Horn (Pos. +) wire to the # 85 relay terminal.

5) Connect the OEM Horn (Neg. -) wire to the # 86 relay terminal.

12) To mount the new horn I got a "T" bracket from Lowes and then cut it with my dremel tool for a perfect fit. Below are pictures of before and after.

13) You should have something like this. Use the Dremel tool to make the two holes bigger. The horn and bike exhaust bolts won't fit unless you enlarge the holes.

14) Mount the horn to the bottom hole.

15) Remove the exhaust bolt and then attach the bracket/Horn.

16) Connect the new 14GA wires to the new horn.

17) The horn's Pos. and Neg. terminals are clearly marked.

The finished Product...

The horn should look like this..

Note: The installation seems strong, however the horn will move a little when engage. I need to find a similar bracket but thicker and this will prevent it from moving. It only moves a little back and forward but not enough to touch the engine , frame or exhaust pipes.

Here is a picture of the finished relay....

18) Connect the battery terminals.

19) Install the seats and side covers.

20) Enjoy !!!!!

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