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Oxford DigiGauge Tire Pressure Gauge

Oxford DigiGauge Tire Pressure Gauge


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The only pressure gauge you’ll ever need. Precision measuring up to 199.9 PSI/13.8 Bar in 0.1 PSI/BAR increments

• Reads a choice of pressure scales: PSI/BAR/kPa/ KG-CM2
• Rotating dual valve system: Schraeder and Presta
• Large backlit display for easy reading in the dark
• Bleeder valve button for pressure adjustment
Customer Reviews
Review by Guest
When I received the gauge I was headed out on a long trip. The gauge didn’t work. I changed the battery to the spare one it came with to no avail. I have oxford heated grips on my bike and I love them. Not so much with the gauge. (Posted on 6/13/2018)
Review by BlueKnight1300
Bought this at the Twisted Throttle tent at the Americade in Lake George in 2012. Hasn't worked since I purchased it. Sitting in my junk bag in the back of my garage. And I'm surprised that Oxford would sell this kind of junk. Usually, their stuff is on the money, and well made. Very disappointed! (Posted on 6/4/2015)
Review by Mac
Bought this thinking what a great looking tire pressure gauge. Easy to throw in a bag for riding through the mountains. After getting it I must say it rates up there with junk! Had to push so hard and hold it for over 30 seconds to get it to work. It does not beep like the instructions say. It looks like the plastic tip that pushes on the valve stem is too short. If I were in the States I would send this back, but from here it would cost me more than the TPG is worth. (Posted on 4/7/2015)
Review by yerallnuts
I've owned one for years and I love it.

It reads out in psi (in 10ths of a pound) and bars and millibars. It as a read-and-hold mode and that they call an 'adjust' mode - and it shuts off automatically because . . . .

Cons? Battery life is less than ideal - there is no 'low battery' indicator, so your warning is essentially when the readings start making no sense. And the LED illuminator is useless. (Posted on 8/6/2014)
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