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Oxford RainSeal Handlebar Muffs for Motorcycles

Oxford RainSeal Handlebar Muffs for Motorcycles


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These hand covers mount to your handlebars to keep your hands warm & dry even in the coldest riding weather! A pouch on the inside allows you to add Oxford Electric Hothands for added warmth!

  • •Pre-formed opening for ease of access to controls. 
  • •Total weather protection: waterproof heavy duty 1500 denier polyester outer shell with Thermacel insulation for total warmth 
  • •High visibility 3M reflective piping for increased visibility to other road users 
  • • Does not interfere with operation of your controls
  • Attractive Oxford Rain Seal logos

Install Notes:

  • When using the Oxford Muffs on motorcycles with handguards installed, you may find you need to remove the guards to achieve a proper fit.  With some full wrap handguards such as Barkbusters you can remove just the plastics, and not the entire guard.
  • In some cases the mirror stem cut out on the Oxford Muffs does not line up with mirror stem on the motorcycle.  To remedy this situation, Oxford has provided a PVC washer and instructions on how to pierce the top side of the muff so that the mirror stem may pass through.  See instructions included with Muffs for further information.
  • Always be sure that your thumb controls and cut-off switch are not to close or blocked by the Muff.  If the controls can not be easily operated then reposition the Muff further inwards on your handlebars.
  • Always be sure to join the Muffs together using the provided interconnecting strap
  • The Oxford Muffs will not fit on bikes with larger hand controls, for example the Honda Goldwing’s CB radio controls are far to large for the Muffs opening to fit over.
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Customer Reviews
Review by bkmoto
I bought these for the coldest days of winter. We are talking 20s (-5/6 degrees C) and lower. Heated grips and heated gloves are good for anything above but once it starts going down, you need these. I have ridden when temps have hit 15/16 F and my hands have stayed warm, esp the fingers which always get cold. With these muffs, problem solved.
They fit nicely over the barkbusters and that prevents any chance of pressing levers accidentally. That also means that it may cover more of the switches as it will pull more because of the handguards. But its workable. This will not work if you have a more advanced switchgear and you may either need to remove the handguards or use lever guards. The new design clasps around mirror stems without needing to cut any holes. They look better and more well made than all other handlebar mitts out there.
The pair that I got had a slight defect where the strap's stitching was undone even before use. Rather than wait for a replacement, I just decided to use it and they seem to work. Twisted Throttle are great about returns and replacements and were very helpful in the whole matter. (Posted on 1/21/2016)
Review by mark650
Up here in Canada we're lucky to get 5 months of riding weather, but you can stretch it out to a 7 month riding season, with the proper cold weather gear. And if you don''t have heated grips, then the Oxford Handlebar Muffs are the next best product. Easy to install, and they work well. For those of us that hate to winterize our bikes, the Muffs sure help to keep your hands comfortable on cold days, and make it possible to extend the riding season....until the snow finally takes control. (Posted on 10/18/2015)
Review by Alan
Bought this to keep my hands worm and dry, and it does exactly that. Only problem I've had is that when I'm going 75 to 80mph it pushes my front brake lever, causing my break light to be on the entire time... (2014 Suzuki drz400sm) (Posted on 12/9/2014)
Review by Boiler56
I purchase this item to see if they would make my cold weather rides more enjoyable. Upon initial inspection one of the snaps that secure the device was torn completely off and unusable. I have a snap repair kit and rather than send it back I just fixed it myself. I have three bikes, DL650, Norge, K100rs, and the fit is not all that good on any particular bike. After attaching the cross strap that should hold them in position I found that the angle that they devices were forced into created a rather unnatural opening approach to the controls. The fit around the brake and clutch reservoirs is pretty open and air bleeds in. The cuffs are shorter than I thought they would be. While they do add some protection they fall way short of my Vetter Hippo Hands that I had years ago. Unless they fit your specific bike I'm not sure that I would pay full price for them. (Posted on 11/25/2014)
Review by crowe
A strap on these broke the first time I used them. Unfortunately, I also slipped on some ice and scuffed them up, so now I can't return them. Stitching seems low quality on the pair I got, would not buy again. (Posted on 11/18/2014)
Review by Thumperlover
I found this product after extensive comparison shopping. Easy installation on my TU 250X. Good fit around master cylinder and mirrors. No changes needed in bike set-up. No pressure on brake & clutch levers at speed. A good buy. (Posted on 10/14/2014)
Review by Thumperlover
I found this product after extensive comparison shopping. Easy installation on my TU 250X. Good fit around master cylinder and mirrors. No changes needed in bike set-up. No pressure on brake & clutch levers at speed. A good buy. (Posted on 10/11/2014)
Review by Eric
First ride on an '06 Yamaha Majesty this morning, ~28F outside, I wore summer gloves for more dexterity under the muffs (the space inside is a little cramped for the controls but not the levers) with heated grips turned up halfway and my hands were toasty warm the whole ride in. You do feel a little cold air draft from the eddy-currents getting in around the sides & back, but it's NOTHING like the frontal windchill you normally feel. (Posted on 1/16/2014)
Review by Rick
It hasn't gotten too cold yet in New Mexico, but since I am pretty much a full time rider, i elected to get a jump on winter. The Oxford Muffs are very easy to install and definitely eliminate wind chill effects at speed. Mine are installed on my NC700X and took a little while to get used to not seeing my controls. Turn signals, horn, kill switch, lights and starter are all under the hood, so to speak. Good for the cold weather, but I'll take them off when spring comes. The rear view mirrors anchor them to the bars, so they are an easy on/off with the proper tools. Also have reflective piping so they are visible in the lot to cagers when parked. (Posted on 11/16/2012)
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