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R&G Aero 'Wet' Knee Sliders | White

R&G Aero 'Wet' Knee Sliders | White


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Developed with the feedback of racers and road riders alike, R&G's latest generation of Aero Knee Sliders are constructed from a special blend of composite materials to ensure the riders get the best overall performance available. The high-density polyurethane material provides the ideal "sliding action" needed for aggressive street riders and trackday enthusiasts alike. The Aero Knee Sliders attach to your leathers with a velcro style "hook." Slap on a set of R&G's latest Aero Knee Sliders and enjoy the comfort of durable, predictable knee sliders.

These R&G 'wet' Aero Knee Slider are much taller compared to the 'dry' session Aero Knee Slider, offering improved feel and confidence when leaning over, especially in wet/damp conditions. They are made from the same special blend of composite materials as our dry session Knee Slider, to ensure the rider gets the best feedback available – even in the most demanding conditions.

Note: The R&G Aero Knee Sliders are constructed with the "hook" portion of the Velcro fastening material, and so will only work on leathers with the "loop" portion sewn into the attaching area. (Fortunately, this is the way the vast majority of leathers are currently constructed.)


  • Durable polyurethane material slides instead of grabs
  • Long wearing so you can afford to race and ride more!
  • Backed with Velcro material
  • Generous attaching flanges provide maximum flexibility for puck placement
  • Handsome R&G logo
  • Available in only in white

What's in the Box:

  • 2 Aero Wet Knee Sliders
Manufacturer # AKS0002WH
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