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R&G Waterproof Cruiser Outdoor Cover | Black

R&G Waterproof Cruiser Outdoor Cover | Black


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The R&G Cruiser Outdoor Cover fits on the largest cruisers and touring bikes on the market today. Waterproof outdoor protection with anti-theft features and paint protection built in.


  • Loopholes to accept a lock & chain adorn both ends of the cover.
  • An elasticated bottom to offer a snug fit.
  • The loop holes can also be used to tie down the cover for high wind conditions.
  • Along the inside top of the cover there is a low-bulk, soft layer designed to save your paintwork.
  • Universal sized cover that will fit most sport, sport touring & naked models it is generous enough to cover the majority of dirt bikes & supermoto's too.

What's In The Box:

  • R&G Waterproof Motorcycle Cover for Supersport & Naked Bikes


NOTE: If the bike's exhaust is likely to come into contact with the cover, it must be allowed to cool before the cover is fitted.

NOTE: If the cover appears loose on the bike please take extra care to tighten straps and secure, a loose fitting cover can cause damage to paintwork and trim.  This is especially important when transporting or any time wind is a factor.

IMPORTANT: It is the owner's responsibility to ensure that the cover is fitted safely and in accordance with our guidelines. The manufacturer cannot accept any liability for damage caused by misuse or failure to fit the cover correctly and securely.

Manufacturer # BC0008BK
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