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SENA 20S EVO Motorcycle Bluetooth Communication System | Single Kit

SENA 20S EVO Motorcycle Bluetooth Communication System | Single Kit


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The SENA 20S EVO motorcycle Bluetooth communication system delivers a more refined, reliable and smoother multimedia experience for enhancing your riding pleasure. The modern design features a fixed shark fin antenna which secures intercom distance for greater stability and improved performance. An updated intercom in the top of the line 20S EVO keeps you in touch with up to 8 other riders, up to 1.2 miles away using Group Intercom™ technology through crisp, clear HD-quality Bluetooth speakers. Advanced Noise Control™ creates a responsive and accurate soundtrack by filtering incoming / outgoing audio, significantly reducing distracting ambient noise. 

Audio Multitasking™ technology in the 20S EVO allows you to have an intercom conversation while simultaneously listening to music, FM radio or voice guided GPS navigation. Audio is now overlaid for a smoother, less intrusive listening experience. Download SENA Smartphone apps (available for iPhone & Android) like the SENA RideConnected app to connect with a virtually limitless number of riders over an infinite range while on a mobile network. The SENA Utility app is also allows user device configuration and access the quick user guide right at your fingertips.

Simply shake your 20S EVO to set up and pair with Bluetooth 4.1 devices before starting a ride. Once underway, keep your focus on the road while you move seamlessly through music, phone and intercom, all through hands-free voice command. Maximize your riding adventures with an evolved experience using the 20S EVO from SENA.



  • Refined modern design with superior stability & intuitive operation
  • High performance fixed shark antenna improves & secures connections
  • Stay in touch with up to 8 other riders with a range of up to 1.2 miles away
  • Dual module architecture creates a smooth & responsive user experience


  • Bluetooth 4.1 technology with crisp, clear and precise HD-quality audio using Bluetooth speakers
  • Advanced Noise Control™ filters incoming & outgoing ambient noise for a more pleasant & comfortable experience
  • Audio Multitasking™ allows you to listen to music, FM radio or GPS voice guided navigation while simultaneously having an intercom conversation
  • Instead of abrupt interruptions, audio simply overlays for a smoother experience


  • Simple user interface allows easy set up and pairing
  • SENA motion sensor technology allows pairing with all devices by simply shaking your 20S EVO before you start your ride
  • Hands-free voice commands permit complete control while on the road
  • Seamlessly move through music, phone & intercom features
  • Compatible with optional SENA remote controls for even greater flexibility
  • SENA Smartphone applications (available downloads below) for iPhone & Android give you more control at your fingertips
  • The SENA Utility App lets you manage group lists, save groups, set up speed dial, manage group intercom, preset 10 FM radio stations and more
  • SENA RideConnected App allows a virtually unlimited number of riders over an infinite range while connected to a mobile network

What's included:

  • SENA 20S EVO headset main unit 
  • 20S EVO universal helmet clamp 
  • 20S EVO wired boom mic
  • 20S EVO wired microphone 
  • Boom mic holder
  • Microphone sponges
  • 2.5 to 3.5 mm audio cable
  • USB power & data cable (micro USB type)
  • Cigarette charger
  • Glued surface mounting adapter
  • Rubber shim pads
  • Speaker pads
  • Hook & loop fasteners for speakers
  • Hook & loop fastener for boom mic
  • Hook & loop fastener for holder
  • Hook & loop fastener for wired mic
  • Allen wrench
  • Foam speaker covers
  • Speaker port cover


SENA Device Manager 

SENA Smartphone Utility App


SENA RideConnected App


Click Here for Firmware History

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