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Fuse & Ground Blocks

Fuse & Ground Blocks

Fuse & Ground Blocks

Fuse & ground blocks are a great way to consolidate all of your electrical accessory connections while also making 12 volt power, fuses and a master ground easier to access. Connecting electronics can quickly get messy as you add ring terminals and additional wires that can cause clutter. A handy fuse & ground block eliminates the mess and can be placed in a spot that is easy to access for easy connections, alterations or diagnosis. DENALI offers the famous PowerHub2 that uses traditional fuses which can be moved to change a connection from switched on or constant power. Rowe Electronics offers the PDM60 for a slightly more customizable option that is fuse-less and programmable using a computer. Don't get stuck on the side of the road or trail because of a simple blown fuse that's tough to access, install a fuse & ground block on your motorcycle and ride on!


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