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Gifts & Twisted Swag

Gifts & Twisted Swag

Gifts & Twisted Swag

Here is a quick list of great gift ideas for the motorcycle enthusiast in your life.


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    Motorcycle Rider Essentials Kit

    Motorcycle Rider Essentials Kit

    This collection of motorcycle must-haves will make your riding life safer, more comfortable, and offer delectable conveniences that you’ll hate to ride without. Our experienced motorcycle enthusiasts here at Twisted Throttle have been riding a long time on every kind of road you can imagine and in all weather conditions. We’re suckers for finding motorcycle solutions before the problems even appear, which is how we came to our Motorcycle Rider Essentials Kit - an easy, one-click gift for your riding friends and family. 

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  2. R&G Racing Keyring

    R&G Racing Keyring

    The R&G Racing keyring has a built in LED light with push & hold activation. Learn More

  3. Oxford Micro Clock / Temperature Gauge for Motorcycles

    Oxford Micro Clock / Temperature Gauge for Motorcycles

    Tiny, all-weather clock/thermometer for handlebar or cockpit mounting. Includes ice alert and Velcro adhesive! Learn More

  4. Oxford First Aid Kit for Motorcycles

    Oxford First Aid Kit for Motorcycles

    The Oxford Products First Aid kit fits under the seat of most motorcycles (4” x 5.7” x 1.8”) and contains hygienically sealed medical supplies. Learn More

  5. Klim Belt

    Klim Belt

    Wearing belts help keep trouser with waists that fall to a lower line on the body attached to you during rides and even while off the bike! Learn More

  6. R&G Aero 'Wet' Knee Sliders

    R&G Aero 'Wet' Knee Sliders | White

    Developed with the feedback of racers and road riders alike, R&G's latest generation of Aero Knee Sliders are constructed from a special blend of composite materials to ensure the riders get the best overall performance available. The high-density polyurethane material provides the ideal "sliding action" needed for aggressive street riders and trackday enthusiasts alike. The Aero Knee Sliders attach to your leathers with a velcro style "hook." Slap on a set of R&G's latest Aero Knee Sliders and enjoy the comfort of durable, predictable knee sliders.

    These R&G 'wet' Aero Knee Slider are much taller compared to the 'dry' session Aero Knee Slider, offering improved feel and confidence when leaning over, especially in wet/damp conditions. They are made from the same special blend of composite materials as our dry session Knee Slider, to ensure the rider gets the best feedback available – even in the most demanding conditions.

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  7. Klim Temperflask

    Klim Temperflask

    Stay hydrated on the go with the Klim Temperflask. Learn More


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