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SW-MOTECH Aluminum Engine Guard Skid Plate for Suzuki DL1000 V-Strom '02-'13

SW-MOTECH Aluminum Engine Guard Skid Plate for Suzuki DL1000 V-Strom '02-'13

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SW-MOTECH Aluminum Engine Guard Skidplate for Suzuki DL1000 V-Strom '02-'13 | Black 1

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If you're looking for some strong and stylish protection then the SW-MOTECH Aluminum Engine Guard Skid Plate is for you. This engine guard is constructed of a piece of 4mm-thick aluminum that is bent and welded to cover your vulnerable engine for heavy-duty, light-weight protection. The bottom of the guard includes side protectors that wrap around the engine block to provide both bottom and side protection. Available in bare aluminum or powdercoated black.

Please note that skid plates as currently shipping include one additional weld on each sideplate and differ slightly from the skid plate pictured.

The SW-MOTECH skid plate is not compatible with Givi or Hepco-Becker crash bars.

The SW-MOTECH skidplate can be used without a centerstand, or with the SW-MOTECH, Suzuki or Hepco-Becker* centerstand.

The skidplate has a solid bottom without cutouts.

Only two screws need to be removed from the plate to allow access behind the skidplate to change the oil and filter.

To install the skidplate, the two bolts holding the kickstand onto the bike must be temporarily removed. This can be accomplished using an open end box wrench. Alternatively, you can use a 12-inch socket extension and a wobbly (a.k.a. universal joint) to reach the bolt heads from the opposite side of the bike. It is not necessary to remove the exhaust to get at these sidestand screws. These original sidestand screws are installed with high strength thread locker. Heat may help loosen the thread-locking compound for easier installation.

A typo in the installation instructions in older production runs states that "the original screws" should be used to attach the rear skidplate bracket to the sidestand mounting points. This is not correct. Use the replacement screws provided with the skidplate kit, but use "the original WASHERS" with the new sidestand mounting bolts.

Please Note: The original Suzuki crash bars or the SW-MOTECH are required to complete installation of this skid plate.

Customer Reviews
Review by Guest
Thought this would be a nice addition to the bike. The installation instructions are written in German with a few pictures thrown in. You are not told how many parts must be removed (kickstand, switch, part of the center stand) before install begins. The design of the new part blocks off access to the bolts that hold it to the bike. Easiest install would involve removing the exhaust system. And that's a stupid idea. (Posted on 10/28/2018)
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