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SW-MOTECH Crash Bars Engine Guards for BMW R nineT '14-'19, R nineT Pure '17-'19, R nineT Racer '17-'19, R nineT Urban G/S '18-'19 & R nineT Scrambler '17-'19

SW-MOTECH Crash Bars Engine Guards for BMW R nineT '14-'19, R nineT Pure '17-'19, R nineT Racer '17-'19, R nineT Urban G/S '18-'19 & R nineT Scrambler '17-'19

SKU: SBL.07.512.10000B

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The SW-MOTECH crash bars engine guards for BMW R nineT, R nineT Pure, R nineT Racer and R nineT Scrambler provide protection in the event of a tip over, slide or crash to minimize damage and safeguard the vulnerable cylinder heads. Sturdy tubular steel mounts directly to the frame with no drilling, cutting, or welding. Installation is 100% bolt on with all necessary hardware included. These attractive crash bars are powder coated black for durability and corrosion resistance. Designed and over-engineered in Germany to keep your Bavarian beauty safe. Invest in top quality protection for the R nineT with these crash bars from SW-MOTECH!

Understanding Crash Bars



  • Robust tubular steel
  • Secure frame mounted support
  • 100% bolt-on installation
  • Compatible with the SW-MOTECH Skid plate
  • Protects cylinder heads and other critical components
  • Durable powder coated black finish
  • Designed specifically for the R nineT
  • Made in Germany

What's in the box:

  • Left & right side crash bars
  • Mounting hardware
  • Installation instructions

2014-2019 BMW R nineT

2017-2019 BMW R nineT Pure

2017-2019 BMW R nineT Racer

2018-2019 BMW R nineT Urban G/S

2017-2019 BMW R nineT Scrambler

Manufacturer # SBL.07.512.10000/B
Customer Reviews
Review by Guest
Bought these new in 2017 and installed by dealer. Bike never dropped or bars even rubbed on anything. One noticed Rt bar would wiggle slightly when I happened to grab it. It was completely broke off at upper mounting point and rusty so it had been that way for a while (bike never ridden in rain and always garaged). I checked Lt side and crack appearing in exact same place. I am 6 months past warranty but Twisted Throttle giving me good break on replacements. I will weld up old ones for spares and see what happens. (Posted on 11/26/2019)
Review by Guest
I didn't want to add more weight to my R Nine T pure but decided to install the mild steel crash bars since I'm a returning rider and anticipate dropping the bike sometime in the near future! I also wanted to have a place to mount driving lights a little further out from the centerline than on the forks. I paid attention to the reviewer who accidentally put the longer bolt in the side where the shorter bolt should have gone and damaged the engine block. With a sharpie, I wrote the number from the install instructions on all the parts (measured the bolts with calipers). I then installed "by the numbers." It seemed silly to do all this but I was not about to take a chance on my engine block! The mild steel (black) crash bars for the R Nine T weigh 8.8 lbs (9.4 lbs for the new parts, minus 0.6 lbs removed original parts). They seem sturdy, the bike doesn't feel noticeably heavier, and I feel more protected. I am happy with the purchase. (Posted on 11/11/2018)
Review by Guest
Be very carefully with the instruction, there are some pieces that look the same but they are different size, bit just a bit, so i did install the wrong one, (the longer bolt into the left side of the bike) and I Damage the engine housing, now the engine is spilling oil from that tread. the small one. its that little hole by the oil filter.

. at plain sight those bolts looks the same but they are not. just be carefully, because now my engine housing is broken and its going to be expensive to fix... (Posted on 5/30/2018)
Review by Guest
They looked good, they seemed sturdy, they broke on the first tip over. Was backing out of a hilly parking spot and the bike began to tip. I let it down as gently as possible but it went down. The right side bar hit and sheered off at the top fastening point. They were put on by the dealership so I trust the correct bolts and shims were used according to the instructions. If that's what happened in a parking lot I can't imagine what would have happened in a slide. (Posted on 3/18/2018)
Review by Guest
I looked at many crash bars for the R Nine T and these always came back to looking the best and matched the lines of the R Nine T family. SW-Motech is legendary for its products so it was obvious to want them on the bike to protect the cylinder heads. The other bars I have seen out there are either a carry over for bars one would use on a GSA or strictly done for looks and would not hold up well in the event of a crash. The SW-Motech bars are built tough, all hardware lined up perfect and installation was a breeze. The mounting hardware spacers used come silver so if you want you can paint or powder coat them black to match the frame but honestly you can't see them. The emblems do pop off if you want that "factory" look and the shape of the bars is perfect to mount some secondary lights to. I had just installed the BMW "machined" valve covers and wanted that investment protected but not covered up by the crash bars and these deliver on both. If you want rugged protection and style that matches the R Nine T family then these are the perfect choice for your machine. :-) (Posted on 9/20/2017)
Review by Guest
I bought the SW-Motech crash bars for my 2015 BMW R NineT. I also ordered some very expensive valve covers. I installed this crash bars before the valve covers have arrived. I'm ready to protect my invest! Took me less than an hour and I'm a girl! Twisted throttle had the best price I could find! Great company and very fast shipping! Thanks Twisted Throttle! (Posted on 8/23/2016)
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